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There are floor mats that are made for different jobs and Husky mud liners are meant for defense against sloppy, sticky mud in your vehicle. Husky mud liners are heavy duty liners manufactured for car owners who need an extra degree of protection. There are several factors that separate them from regular automotive mats. Husky mud liners offer greater thickness, a specific surface design, and a fuller fitment in comparison to factory floor mats.

The main key to Husky mud liners is their toughness. They are thick mats that take the place of where the original mats go. Without being too heavy, Husky mud liners have a substantial amount of weight that gives them a high level of durability. The reason why it is important that Husky mud liners need to be dense is due to the weight of the mud or slush that comes in contact with them. Thinner mats have trouble handling the weight of substances heavier than water. Mud can seep through the fibers and eventually ruin them. Thanks to their thickness, Husky mud liners are able to easily handle mud, ice, or snow finding their way onto them and be rinsed off effortlessly.

Husky mud liners sport a distinctive surface that is designed to keep substances away from the driver's or passengers' feet and the interior floor. The way this is able to occur is the implementation of channels that are lined up on top of the mat. These channels act like walls. If mud becomes caked up on top of them while still wet, the walls hold the mud in place or distribute it to an area of the mat that is safe from it escaping. When mud connects with a car or truck's carpet, it stains very quickly. Once it dries it can be very difficult to get out. What's worse is if the mud or slush dries without being removed, it can cause long-term damage to the carpet, because the material of the carpet can wind up tearing. Along with the overall strength of the mat, the surface pattern is a critical element in how a mud liner works.

Another main aspect to Husky Liners mud mats is the material they are made out of. They are constructed of a thermoplastic rubberized compound and layered extra thick. After the rubber is molded with the surface design it undergoes a drying process. Once the liner is dry, the surface of the mat elicits the same waterproof property that makes it immune to mud and other substances. The general thickness of the liner is also set and this is what gives it its overall durability.

A question many ask is what types of vehicles mud mats available are for. Because Husky heavy duty mats are universal, they are available for most cars and trucks. However, they are most widely used as truck mud mats. Truck mud mats have been used for a long time because often, people use trucks for activities that take place outside, even if it is work related. Truck owners many times see more action inside their vehicles that makes the interior vulnerable to mud and dirt. You can find truck mud mats for each area of the cab or extended cab. If you store tools in the back of the cab, the mats can also protect the floor from the weight of the tools leaving an imprint on the carpet.

Drivers have numerous styles of auto floor mats they can choose from. But there are few types of mats that are actually designed with the specific purpose of protecting against mud, ice, and grime. Mud is a common substance that most drivers have to deal with regardless of where they live. The issue is how quickly mud can ruin an automotive carpet. In some vehicles in certain climates, this can happen very quickly. And when it does happen it can cause irreparable damage that plays a role in lowering the resale value of your car. Mud mats are created to inflict an additional layer of protection that keeps a vehicle's interior clean and safe.

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