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People who own recreational vehicles a lot of times have a hard time finding floor mats that work properly due to the size of the cabin. Husky RV liners will fit in most recreational vehicles because they offer a universal fit. While the fit is crucial, so is the level of protection. Without Husky RV liners, the floor up front in your vehicle is left more vulnerable than the floor would be in a car or truck. The reason is because there is more space and an open lane that leads to the seating area. Spills have no problem making their way into other parts of the vehicle quickly, and can cause damage to the carpet or rug. Husky RV liners are heavy duty and can stop a messy problem before it begins.

For open cab RVs, universal Husky RV mats are the best option. Husky doesn't currently manufacture custom-fit RV liners for a specific model. But despite their one-size-fits-all design, Husky RV mats are long and wide enough to cover up the space in front of both the driver's side and front passenger's seat. In some models, the mats reach from the center of the footrests to the doorsills. While Husky doesn't yet offer RV liners for one exclusive model, they do have them available for pickup trucks that act as trailers. These Husky RV mats are in fact, custom-fit just for your truck and directly replace your original automotive mats. Input your year, make, and truck model to see what mats are available for your vehicle.

The main benefit to choosing Husky floor liners is their toughness. This is the characteristic they are best known for and it is because of the material Husky uses for all of their RV floor mats. It is a special compound that includes a rubberized thermoplastic ingredient. What is noteworthy about this material is that it is practically unbreakable, even when subjected to extreme weather conditions. Husky RV floor mats come with a Lifetime Warranty against cracking and breaking to give their customers additional confidence. In case of a spill, the RV floor mats also display a non-stick surface. Having a non-stick surface stops mud or other substances from staining and makes Husky RV floor mats easy to rinse off with a hose.

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