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Van drivers need floor mats, too. They may actually need them more than most drivers and Husky van liners are a great choice. Nowadays, it seems there are as many vans on the road as there are cars and trucks. A lot of these vehicles operate in a commercial capacity, which means delivering or shipping out food, equipment, and lumber. That can lead to constant exposure to risk, be it weather conditions or wear-and-tear. Floor mats for vans can help if they are tough enough to handle the work. Husky floor liners are always up to the task.

Whereas rubber truck mats slip and slide, Husky floor liners are designed to stay in place regardless of activity level. That is because Husky uses special Sta Put spikes which offer a non-slip surface on all of their floor mats for vans. Husky van liners are very important for commercial vehicles because of this feature. Most drivers complain about how their cargo liners have a tendency to lose their position in the back of the vehicle. It can become a problem when the matting exposes the interior surface, which may result in scratches and scuffs. These are not only expensive issues to fix, but they also make loading less efficient.

What sets Husky floor liners apart from other floor mats for vans is how they fit inside the vehicle. For the driver's side, the liner is placed underneath the pedals and covers the area from the foot-wells to the doorsills. The passenger's side is the same fitment (minus the pedals). As for the cargo area, Husky van liners fit similarly to SUV mats in that they cover a large portion of the back area. Some vans have tabs in the floor to fasten them in, some don't. For vans without this feature, it shouldn't make much of a difference thanks to Husky's Sta Put spikes. Check them out for your ride today, as Husky floor liners are available in several different styles for a wide variety of vans from most major automakers.

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