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Protecting your vehicle's interior with Husky Liners is the only way of ensuring your carpets will stay clean and remain damage free while the car is in your possession. Husky car liners are at the top of the automotive floor protection industry due to their affordability, quality and durability. Not only will their car liners protect your carpets from dirt and debris, but they look great inside any vehicle and are offered in various colors.

Features of Husky Liners include raised side walls, deep channels, perfect fitment, lifetime warranty, and underside nibs that keep the floor liner in place so it does not slide around. These features are what allow Husky car liners to stand out from the rest of the pack and set them apart.

Husky car liners are not a seasonal product and can be used all year round for maximum protection. With their products being offered in so many styles, anyone can find what they need. Husky Liners floor mats will protect your interior from snow and salt during the winter months and in the summer months as well when rain is a major issue. Most of us get in and out of our car several times a day and attract all sorts of debris that carpet floor mats cannot handle. Husky car liners can handle tons of debris and fluid due to their unique designs.

When their floor liners become dirty, you will be amazed at how easy they are to clean. Unlike cloth floor mats, Husky Liners have a non-stick rubberized surface repels water and dirt so nothing will become embedded in them. Once you feel that they need a cleaning, all you need to do is hose them off or wipe them down with a rag. All the scrubbing and washing you normally do with factory car liners is thrown out the window when you upgrade to Husky Liners floor mats. They are essentially maintenance free and will last the entire lifetime of your vehicle.

Due to the laser cut technology consistent with every single floor mat from Husky Liners, they completely cover your floors so there is no chance of dirt or debris spilling onto the carpets. These are not your typical universal or cheap floor mats that you will find at your local automotive store. Husky Liners are specifically cut and matched to each vehicle so you will never experience any fitment issues. Extending at all corners to cover the front row, second row, third row or cargo area, Husky protection will never let you down.

Whether you have and older vehicle or a brand new car, Husky Liners are intended to enhance the appearance of your interior and make it more appealing. Their latest designs match both current interior and older cars with scaled down interiors. Offered in three colors, Husky car liners look much better than any other automotive floor mats and protect just as good. There is no compromise between looks and protection as they are both gained when you use their floor liners.

Made out of flexible rubber, Husky car liners are very soft and not hard like plastic or vinyl. The fact that they are flexible allows them to maintain their shape throughout the changing seasons and nothing is neither too hot nor too cold for them. Husky Liners stay pliable during the cold months in which others would become hard and crack. During the summer months, Husky Liners floor mats do not become soft or fade from direct sunlight.

Possibly the greatest characteristic of Husky accessories is their lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking. Not that this would ever happen, but every product that they create is backed by their lifetime warranty, which nearly every no company offers. A lifetime warranty really gives customers confidence when using them. You can beat them up over and over again and be as abusive as you want. With that being said, Husky car liners are known to outlast the length of your vehicle. They also add a selling point to your car or truck when you offer it for sale. The new owner can also experience the car liners for the future.