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I purchased these floor liners for my Honda accord that was just bought and the floor mats that came with it are terrible looking. They also got very dirty the first week I had the car. A friend told me about husky so I gave their mats a shot. These might be the best mats I have ever used. They are so easy to clean unlike the carpet ones that came with the car. my two dogs shed a lot and I can clean the mats so easy. Paul 6/19/2007

I cant recommend these floor mats enough. They fit so good and are great for the harsh winters we have here in the northeast. I wouldn't think of buying any other thing. Lisa 5/3/2011

My nephew just got his license and I wanted to get him something for the car. I stumbled upon the husky floor mats and though it would be a good idea. He loves them. They fit perfect in his acura integra. Iam thinking about picking up a set for my truck as well. Samantha 9/12/2003

these mats were suggested to me by a friend so I checked them out, but couldn't really decide which ones were for me. I looked at the Husky comparison chart and it provided me with all the answer I needed. It was very informative and I am glad I found it before I made the purchase. The mats arrived on time and I couldn't be happier. Jim 2/6/2009

My pets shed all over my truck when I take them to the park. I decided to get the cargo liner and floor mats for my chevy suburban and its been a life saver. The mats are so easy to clean and they keep the dog hair confined to one area. Frank 6/19/2011

Ultrarev was a big help and the mats fit perfect. Fred 11/12/2004

The floor mats I got for my Nissan xterra are awesome! I got them in black to match the black interior I have and they look like they should have come with the truck. It was time to get rid of the mats it came with as there were holes in them from my feet. I just put in the husky ones, so we'll see how well they handle my feet. Pamela 6/3/2013

As a general contractor, my truck bed sees a lot of tools and big items. The ladder rack I have also carries several items as well as many ladders. I needed something to protect the back glass from damaging and found the husky accessories. I decided to purchase their husky conrack for my 2009 ford f350 and I couldn't be happier. Not only has it prevented damage, but it's a sun shade too! I didn't even realize that when buying it. After I installed it, I noticed there were blinds in the middle that prevents sun from hitting the interior. My truck is much cooler on the inside now and doesn't blind me. Tom 4/5/2011

When I buy products I usually don't go back and add reviews because most of the time I just expect the product to be good. I wasn't expecting this cargo liner to work so well. It looks really good too. I am just very happy with it and thought id drop a line and recommend it to anyone looking for one! James 9/15/2004

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to Ultrarev for getting these mats to me so fast! They have been working great so far! Jasmine 7/5/2007

Just made my set complete and purchased the rear floor mats for my Toyota highlander. I had the fronts and cargo liner, but have been taking my grandchildren around a lot so I needed some protection in the rear. These work great just like the fronts. I hope they will last me a long time. Janet 9/23/2013

I couldn't pass up these floor mats for my Nissan rogue once I saw the lifetime warranty. I don't think they will ever break though. The quality is top notch and they match the interior perfect. Chris 9/26/2004

With all the driving I do, my carpets get so dirty. Ive been through two sets of carpet floor mats from the dealer and they are extremely expensive. I decided to try and find something else and give the husky floor mats a shot. I must say I am very pleased. They seem to be created with quality materials and they also fit really good. Michael 1/5/2006

This is my second set of husky liners. My first set was in a 2 door Honda prelude and I just bought a set for my Subaru wrx. Nothing bad about these at all, they have always served me well. Tom 8/24/2010

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