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The mats were exactly as advertised. They also had holes in them for the driver side hooks which prevents them from moving around even more. Factory fit and finish. Michael 6/19/2008

These are the best affordable floor mats money can buy. Forget the cheap plastic ones at the local auto store. These actually fit and they do what they are meant to do! Protect the floor! Nancy 9/10/2009

I only needed the front car mats as I rarely have passengers. The carpet floor mats will do just fine in the rear. I purchased the Weather Beater liners. They look very good and are extremely durable. I have washed them several times already and no dirt has gotten onto the carpet. These are great. Thank you Mary-Ann 8/29/2008

My son had recently got a set of the Husky floor mats for his new car and he wanted me to check them out. They fit so good and looked great in there. I just bought a brand new car as well and decided to bite the bullet and buy them. They just arrived last night and I am waiting for some sunlight to install them. I cannot wait. Pam 10/9/2010

Excellent product all around. Thanks Ultrarev. Bobby 10/1/2011

Well, let me first say that I was set on the Weathertech floor mats. But, they actually didn't have the mats available yet for my vehicle. So I checked around and found that Husky Liners actually just came out with floor mats for my car. I decided to purchase them, even though I wanted weathertech. Well, I can honestly say I am glad I bought them. They are far superior to the Weathertech and MUCH cheaper. And not to mention the lifetime warranty you get with Husky. Mike 3/9/2007

Husky liners are the only car floor mats I will ever buy. Both my husband and I have been through several vehicles and we always purchase Husky accessories immediately. They are extremely durable and work great in any season. The dirt and mud have no chance at damaging the carper underneath. Laura 5/10/2011

My wife was very happy with the mats when I put them in for her. She kept complaining how the mats that came with the car kept getting stuck under the pedals. Problem solved! Kevin 10/6/2009

The Husky contractor's rack has been great so far. I've made it through the winter with it and there is no sign of rust. The product is holding up well and I can store things in my truck bed without wondering if it will break my back window. Pete 9/3/2010

I've put Husky floor mats in by Ford Expedition, as well as my 2009 Buick and my wife's 2008 VW Passat. They are the greatest floor mats money can buy for all seasons. Greg 3/11/2011

I bought some cheap floor mats from Wal-Mart and had to cut them to fit my vehicle. They also slid around a lot and didn't do a great job of keeping dirt off my carpet. I recently bought there Husky liners and they are far superior to the ones from Wal-Mart. There was no trimming necessary and the fitment was perfect. John 4/23/2009

My house does not have a driveway, so I park on the grass. When it rains, I always track mud and dirt into my car and my carpets get so dirty. I decided to pick up a set of these floor mats and they have been flawless. They perform just as advertised. Jim 7/29/2013

I really like my new floor mats from Husky, they fit and work great. Bob 1/4/2008

I put them in all the trucks I buy keeps the carpets clean Mike 5/19/2011

Needed these on the farm. They hold all the dirt and mud, look great too. Peter 7/20/2010

I used to shampoo my floors all the time because of the dirt buildup. I never had floor mats because they always got in the way. These floor liners from Husky have been great so far. I am very pleased with the fitment as well. Instead of shampoo, I just wash them in the sink and they are back to new. John 8/17/2009

No effort was needed to install these car floor mats. I just used the hooks on the driver's side and the passenger side mat fit with no complications. I have never had floor mats that didn't need trimming, so I was pleasantly surprised. Great product. 6/10/2011

After reading all these reviews, it was pretty much a no brainer to go ahead and buy them. They are supposed to arrive at my house tomorrow and I cannot wait to install them. I will drop some more feedback after I put them in! Kait 9/21/2009

Seattle has some serious rain and I always track mud into the truck. The Husky weather beater mats have been great so far. I have only had them for 2 weeks, but I can honestly say this is much better than a soaking wet carpet. I will definitely spread the word as well on the customer service from Ultra Rev. Thanks. Frank 5/20/2013

The floormats are perfect for someone like myself. I am a landscaper and the inside of my truck sees a lot of dirt and grass. These have really been worth the money and can be easily cleaned. John 1/20/2011

Husky floor mats do a great job in trapping the sand and keeping it from spreading. After the beach, I just shake the mats out and they are clean. I used to vacuum my other mats for so long and they never came fully clean. The winter season is around the corner so we will see how well these hold up to the snow. Michelle 12/27/2012

The heavy duty mats are different from the floor liners. The mats needed minor trimming to make them work. They are still very solid and I have no complaints yet. I would have gotten the liners if I knew these didn't have high side walls. When I get rid of this car, I will most likely get the floor liners. Matt 6/4/2007

GREAT MATS! I just got them for my birthday and love the look. Michael 5/27/2013

I put the cargo liner in and it sorta covers the rear speaker, but not too much. I just pushed it down and it conformed to the floor a little better. Overall this is a really good product and I would buy it again. Katelyn 7/17/2012

Their xact contour mats are superb. I wasn't expecting much, as I don't with any floor mats I purchase. But, these are far better than any I have ever owned. They really live up to the hype. Bill 10/21/2007

The Husky no-drill mud flaps fit great. I put them on my truck within minutes and they look like they came with the truck. Quality fitment and product. Thanks. Laura 8/13/2013

The Weather Beater mats really enhanced my interior look. It feels much more refined now and I couldn't be happier. Jim 6/20/2009

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