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These are far less expensive from other brands. It I hard to find good and affordable floor mats. Most of the ones I have seen are cheap plastic that some of my friends have in their vehicles. I noticed some of them turned yellow cause they have had them for so long. I wanted something better and saw these on the internet so I tried them. All my friends want these now and are ditching their plastic ones. John 3/1/2009

The trunk liner fit very well. I was surprised at how high the sides come up. It doesn't look like anything fill fall onto the carpet. I am very pleased. Jim 9/24/2011

I have a 2009 Toyota Camry and these floor mats fit perfect. Shipping was on time as well. Thanks UltraREV! Michelle 1/20/2011

The weatherbeater floor liners are just an overall great value. Great pricing combined with a great product. I'm hoping this liners will last me forever, as I never plan on getting rid of my car. I like to keep things until they break and these liners don't look like they will be an exception. Frank 2/10/2013

First off, I want to thank Ultrarev for their quality service. I made a mistake on my order and they were able to correct it immediately to avoid any shipping errors. Now, let me talk about the floor mats. They are far better than I expected. I have never used them, so I was just expecting some run of the mill mats that will cover the floor. Man was I wrong. Not only do they fit perfect, but they look fantastic. With such a smooth transaction, I feel very confident in buying from this company again. Gary 7/1/2012

Just outfitted my 4 work trucks with the Husky conrack. Lately, my guys have been damaging the back windows of the trucks with the ladders and it has been expensive to say the least. Hopefully this rack will prevent any such thing from occurring in the future. Fitment is on point and they really brighten up the look of the truck. Joe 5/30/2012

This is our third set of Husky floor liners and I recommend them to anyone looking to protect their carpet with a good product. We have a set that is 6 years old and they look brand new. They can be washed as many times as you need to and won't discolor. Pat 12/10/2011

If you are serious about keeping your carpets clean then you need to get the Husky floor mats. The best part about them is how well they cover the floor. There are no gaps and none of the carpet is shown. I have used these in my trucks and cars for as long as I can remember. Matt 5/29/2011

Good color match and easy to install Pete 12/2/2011

Not bad at all. They are a little harder material than I anticipated, but all in all they are great. The dirt comes right off and doesn't stick to the surface either. Mike 4/9/2008

The cargo liner for my Chevy Equinox fits like a charm. The sides are high enough to where no dirt or water will spill onto the carpet. The pet hair is also extremely easy to remove unlike the other carpet liner I had in there. My pitbull seems to like to the material to as he falls asleep back there! Will 9/23/2009

Normally, I never leave feedback for an item. But, I was extremely happy with my purchase. I bought the Husky cargo mat for my new Chevy Suburban and it fits perfect. First, the box it was shipped it was large enough to where the mat didn't slide around and become damaged in any way. I took the liner out and it looked mint. The design and material is top notch. The material isn't too soft and isn't too hard. I can honestly say it is better than any other floor mat I have seen or used in my vehicles. The first day I put it in, I noticed how well it stayed in place. It does not shift or slide around when turning or making sudden stops. We all know how precious our groceries are back there after a long day at the food store. Overall, it is such a well-made mat that will remain with the car for as long as I own it. Katie 12/22/2010

The mats came to me a little out of shape so I had to leave them overnight under some boxes to flatten them out. After being in the sun for a little bit, they took the shape of my floor and now fit great. Good product. Kenny 3/19/2013

I almost felt as if these floor liners were too good to be true, until I tried them. I actually borrowed my friends (we both have a 2011 Subaru WRX) mats and used them for a week while he was away. I will be purchasing a set within the next coming weeks. This product really lives up to all the hype. John 8/20/2010

The picture was a little deceiving as I though the sides were much higher. But, I am still happy with my purchase. I have had it the cargo liner for about a month and no dirt on the carpets so far. I keep my dog's crate back there too and the hair is so easy to clean off. James 4/10/2013

I shopped around on the internet for quite some time before making the purchase of the Husky cargo liner. I must say I couldn't be happier. I do not have experience with any other floor mats but these do what I need them to do - protect the carpet. Michelle 10/1/2008

Have dogs and you cannot stand the hair all over the floor? Husky Liners are so easy to cleanup. The first time I had the dogs with me hair was all over the mats. When they got out, I shook them out and the hair was gone. Not bad for the price! Michael 10/2/2006

Ultrarev was great to deal with. I have had Husky floor mats before and they served me well. I just purchased a new Subaru Outback and needed to get the front and rear floor liners. Next I will be getting the cargo liner to finish off the interior. Paul 1/6/2009

My 3rd set of husky floor mats. Not much else to say besides quality. Frank 5/3/2013

Based on some of the reviews I've read, it was hard NOT to purchase the Husky liners. I am pleased on the shipping time and quality of packaging, not to mention how well the mats perform. Matt 4/29/2010

Husky should make a complete floor mat that covers the entire interior! Their floor mats work so well. I wouldn't mind taking out my seats and what not to put a complete floor liner on the interior. I am sure there are others who would want this too! It would work great in my Jeep Wrangler. Greg 12/5/2008

I used to use Weathertech floor mats but for some reason their prices have skyrocketed. I decided to get these Husky floor liners and they are equally as good. Not one single complaint. The lifetime warranty is more appealing too! Steve 2/14/2009

I am pleased with the look and feel. I bought the cargo liner as well so now I have all around protection. I wouldn't be caught without using Husky accessories. John 9/28/ 2010

The lifetime warranty appealed to me over weather tech mats. I will likely be keeping my car until it dies on me, so I wanted something that would last just as long. We shall find out. Tim 8/1/2013

I waited a few months after I purchased my new Subaru Forrester to buy these mats since they weren't available just yet. It was well worth the wait. Subaru actually sent a letter to me saying the front driver's mat had a recall and needed to be thrown out. I still haven't picked up the replacement from the dealer since I bought these. I will be throwing out the other mats it came with too. Husky liners for the win. Peter 3/14/2009

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