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I have always been one to protect my vehicles both inside and out. I am especially anal when it comes to any dirt on my paint or dirt on my floors and seats. I like to buy the best products that give me the most reliability and Husky has done that for me. I bought Husky liners for the front and rear, and also bought the Husky cargo liner which is great for my ski equipment. While I was browsing their website, I noticed that had paint protection as well. So, I killed two birds with one stone and bought the paint protection for my hood, bumper and mirrors. The mats were so easy to install. The paint protection, on the other hand, was a little trickier. It did come with instructions which were very helpful. I actually had a friend help me and the job only took a couple of hours. Nobody even knows the film is there, it’s great. Michael 6/18/2013

Such an awesome floor mat. Makes life so easy when I clean out my car! Pete 8/19/2011

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the service and fast shipment. The quality of the floor mats goes without saying. Jill 6/1/2013

They offer so many products that are offered for my truck. I might just buy all of them! I currently have the floor liners and will purchase the Husky gearbox next. Then maybe some paint protection to protect the outside. We will see. A tax return season is just around the corner too! Rick 6/10/2011

These are the best floor mats on the market. I have tried others and they do not compare. Affordable floor mats with AMAZING protection! Frank 12/8/2009

They perform how I expected and work as advertised. I am fine with them. George 6/29/2012

The Husky comparison chart on your website really helped me choose the right floor liners for my car. I was so undecided and didn’t want the classic ones because of the diamond plate. It was difficult to choose one of the others. I ended up getting the x act contour floor liners and am very happy with my choice! Danny 4/27/2009

I received the floor mats very fast from Ultrarev, faster than I was told. I installed them and there aren’t any negatives about them. tom 12/8/2011

The rear liners came in two pieces so they need to be overlapped. Not a big deal as they do not move around at all. The picture shows the mats as one piece. I was surprised when I got them. But all in all, they are still great mats. Michael 6/19/2011

Their gear box interior storage has served me well in the past so I just got it for my brand new Chevy Silverado. I generally keep hand tools and other items inside my truck and keep them on the floor. They roll around and sometime I cannot even find them. Imagine that? The gearbox is perfect for what I need it for. And not to mention it is out of the way so passengers can still have their leg room. Quality product. Greg 11/3/2013

After owning a set in my previous car, I would feel comfortable buying a different set. I will keep buying Husky products for as long as I can drive, or as long as they offer them!! They are too good. Kim 7/29/2008

Excellent product. I just needed the rears as I already the fronts for my 07’ Ford F350. Install was a breeze and they look great to boot. They are rather heavy so they don’t move around and very easy to clean – just like the fronts. Jim 5/22/2010

Just buy them and you will be happy! I didn’t even read any reviews, but just went on the website to read about them. By far the best floor mats money can buy. The best thing is they don’t even break the bank. There is still money left to spend on other goodies! Steve 10/12/2013

Got these as a gift and didn’t realize how great they were. I just thought they were another set of floor mats. Good gift though. They have been holding up well. Mark 3/3/2012

There are so many different types of floor mats to buy. It was confusing to say the least. I found Husky floor liners randomly one day on the internet and the price and reviews looked very good. I must say, I am happy that I found them. Frank 9/10/2011

I would recommend these to anyone. Just look at all the reviews and you can figure that out for yourself. Both their floor liners and cargo liners work flawlessly. Kevin 7/22/2008

These fit the script for me. Being in the military, I needed something durable. And IMO, they are much better than the weathertechs. I got a great deal on both the front and rears as well. Alan 5/21/2013

These are very nice floor mats. The only gripe I have is there are no hooks on the passenger side, but I guess that has to do more with my actual car rather than the floor mat. The passenger one has slide forward some, but not too much. The underside has some rubber prongs that try to keep it from moving. I do have some fussy passengers from time to time, so maybe they are just hard on it. Other than that, these are just fine. Frank 3/14/2009

PROS – durable, great appearance, perfect fit, affordable (much cheaper than weather tech) CONS - none that I can think of so far Brett 9/1/2011

The product arrived rolled up, took a day to flatten out. I laid it outside overnight in the heat so that helped a lot. Fit great after that. John 1/10/2010

The Husky Floor Liners fit our 2012 Honda CRV much better than the mats from Honda. They also were much more expensive. I looked at these since the current mats kept sliding around and were fading pretty quick. The black was turning gray and looked terrible inside the car. So, I found the Husky ones online and haven’t had one bad thing to say about them. Thanks. Greg 9/21/2010

I just bought a used (although new to me) Mitsubishi Eclipse and didn’t want the carpet to get super dirty from the weather we have here in NJ. I did some searching and out these Husky floor mats. I made the purchase through Ultra rev which was super fast and easy. The mats arrived on time and were packaged pretty well. I just put them in so I will come back at a later date to leave more feedback. Steve 10/10/2011

The surface isn’t a rubbery as I expected. It is more of a plastic and rubber combination. I am in no way complaining, but just suggesting I expected something a little different. Hopefully they hold up well. Dan 4/12/2008

I’ve personally had Husky liners in every truck I owned in the past 20 years. Their products are so well made and I will never buy anything else. I just bought a brand new 2009 Ford F250 and bough the front liners, rear liners and center hump mat. However, this is my first time buying from Ultrarev. I was very pleased with the transaction! roger 7/25/2010

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