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These are amazing floor liners and an awesome price too. They Look and fit great! George 1/20/2007

When I opened the box, I was shocked to say the least. There were numerous bends that I didn't think would fit my floor. When I put them in, they fit like a glove. I was so relieved. Thanks for the service too. Mary 6/10/2009

To be honest, I expected a little better quality. The surface is sort of slippery, and the fitment is just okay. I will keep them, but I am not sure if I would buy these in the future. I bought them based on everyone's reviews. Although I am not 100% happy, I am sure other people would love these. Frank 6/1/2007

Taking the few negative reviews into consideration, I still bought these Husky floor mats. There were so many great reviews and I can just add to that. Everything I have read has been true. They are not “cheap” by any means, but are VERY affordable for the price. I checked out the Weather Tech mats and their reviews were okay, but the price was so much more and I couldn't understand why. I don't see how their floor mats could be any better than these?? I guess we all have our own preference. Greg 2/2/2010

They are a tad expensive for my taste, but I bit the bullet and got the liners. I must say it was a good purchase. Tim 11/2/2013

the term "custom fit" is exactly that….they cover 99% of the floor and conform to it too. Alan 3/19/2011

I didn't see a whole lot of reviews on the husky conrack but decided to get it anyways and I am very pleased with my purchase. It fits great and was easy to install using the provided instructions. It adds some style to the back of my truck now. Tom 5/5/2013

Well to install these floor mats, I had to slide the front seats all the way back just to get them in. They were a little stiffer than I though. The cargo liner is nice but the rear lip is a little high for my liking. I would say it's about a 98% fitment. I do think they fit better than other products though. Kate 8/8/2009

The water is held in very well with these liners. It has high sides that contain it from spilling onto the carpet. The floor liners also keep my feet clean with the raised channels. Overall great choice I made. Chris 6/7/2009

The Husky floor liners are a great fit. They are doing what they are supposed to do! Protect the floor! Michelle 12/1/2012

Bought these instead of the weather tech. They do the job and cost less. Highly recommended. Bob 4/29/2010

The Husky Liners fit my Accord exactly as described. There were no discrepancies or any problems from when the mats arrived to when they went into my vehicle. These are great for all the materials I take in my car with me to work. Steve 10/9/2013

You cannot buy floor mats like these anywhere. The local auto store has floor mats that are garbage compared to these. They literally cover ever centimeter of the carpet and I have never had floor mats that do this. Brett 9/3/2009

Who said everything needs to be expensive to be a quality product? Husky floor liners are perfect for what they do – protect your carpet! The best part is the warranty because you will not have to buy another set. Drop a couple of bucks and it will last you forever. Good stuff Dan 8/17/2011

The Husky floor liners are an excellent value and craftsmanship. I myself am a business owner and manufacture clothing for men and women. I can attest to the quality that people expect when buying certain things. Husky has not failed in this category. Frank 1/4/2009

Great product. George 7/22/2009

These mats fits perfectly. We always get Husky products for any of our vehicles. Adam 6/9/2013

Just remember that the Husky floor liners are LINERS, not MATS. There is a huge difference. The liners are much better because they protect every part of the carpet and nothing is showing. I would never buy car mats again because of the areas they do not cover. I like to keep my interior clean and preserved for future resale value, just like the inside of my home. Nancy 3/29/2011

I love these liners. I just got them for my Toyota Prius and they look fabulous. The only problem I have is I cannot seem to find the cargo liner. I will be calling Ultrarev in the coming days to see if they have it available. Vin 5/1/2010

The car mats were exactly what I was looking for. The winter is right around the corner and I needed something reliable to take care of the snow and salt. The lip covers the sides really well and I shouldn't expect any damage to the carpet. Overall just a good piece of equipment. Jack 3/30/2013

The 1st row and 2nd row fit great. The 3rd row is a little disappointing. I have a Chevy Suburban in which I bring my 5 kids to various sporting events and whatnot. I need that protection back there but the 3rd row mats keep sliding around. I am going to contact Husky and see if there is something I can do about it. Alexa 4/1/2011

I couldn't have asked for more. The Husky floor liners are the best ones I have ever purchased and so much better than those other weather tech ones. I normally buy only weather tech but now I am set on Husky products. They provide such good coverage over the entire floor. They are also much more affordable and do not break the bank! Samantha 5/9/2011

Bought them with free shipping from UltraRev. I couldn't beat the deal. Mike 1/22/2008

If you are basing your purchase off the feedback, then you are making the right choice. The customer feedback says it all!!! These reviews are spot on and I was very pleased when I received the floor mats. There is literally no other competitor that comes close to the quality and protection these offer. Great job. Pat 10/8/2009

Fantastic floor liners. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Like others, I have found that these floor liners work much better than the competition. They also look really good inside the car. I have already gotten several compliments on how well they look. Bill 4/28/2007

I was using cardboard boxes until I found the Husky gear box. This is not something I see very often so I picked it up. It is very durable and I can throw it around unlike the card board boxes. I can store pretty much everything I need without needing extra space. I think Ford should have made this come with the truck on the purchase, but oh well now I have it. Brett 3/10/2009

My kids are very messy and I have 2 dogs. The Husky Liners are there for the mess that they make! They do a great job of keeping the mess of the carpet so I don't have to clean them on my hands and knees. Overall, they do the job they are supposed to. Kim 9/23/2013

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