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Purchased a set of weather beater mats for my 1997 ford mustang and I have zero complains. They have served me well so far and I will definitely buy a set for my next car. Great price too. Jim 4/2/2007

У Husky Liners не было идеального коврика для моего грузовика так что мне пришлось купить самые прочные коврики какие только были. Я просто урезал немного края, и теперь они подходят идеально, намного лучше, чем заводские коврики . Я не могу дождатся чтобы увидеть насколько хорошо они пригодятся в зимние месяцы. Я живу в Нью-Гемпшире, где много снега почти каждый день. Надеюсь, что эти коврики будут делать свою работу. Саша 4/12/2013

The team at UltraRev provided me with so many options and details about each product. Their website was very informative and their mats are even better. I picked up a set for my husband as well and he has been extremely happy. Thanks for the help. Cassandra 1/3/2011

Awesome product. Great price. Great service. Vinny 1/26/2013

Cant thank the people at Ultrarev enough. The mats arrived to me but were missing one of the floor mats. I called them and they shipped it out immediately. That's quality customer service right there. I also cant be more pleased on how well these mats are made. The rubber is awesome and the black color looks great inside my car. If you have a dark interior, I suggest going with a darker color. They also come clean very easy. The first time they got dirty, I took a rag and wiped them off! Pam 6/3/2013

Husky Liners есть в каждом автомобиле в нашей семье, и я еще купила набор для моего сына, который только поучил водительские права. Он любит их так же как и мы. Как только мы покупаем новый автомобиль, мы сразу-же покупаем еще один набор ковриков. У нас никогда не было проблем с уходом за автомобильными ковриками, а эти коврики так вообще всегда, как новые. Они в конечном итоге переход к следующему владельцу автомобиля, когда мы продаем машину. Петр Всильевич 6/20/2013

Got these for my husband for his birthday. He has a big truck that he keeps his tools in and its always so messy. I figured they would protect his carpets better than the other ones he has. Diane 12/1/2008

The floor mats that came with my camry are horrible. I haven't even had the car for more than a year and they are already ripping. I found these replacement ones from husky and I couldn't beat the price. Toyota wanted like double of what these cost. They are much better too. Peter 11/22/2012

Got them and installed them...they fit great and none of the carpet shows....i got the classic style ones for my older chevelle Bob 6/1/2004

I decided to get their mud guards for my pickup truck. It was constantly getting dirty and had serious rock chips around the back of the tailgate and lower doors. The mud guards fit perfect and they do a great job in preventing damage to the paint. I also like the warranty that comes with them. I highly recommend these to anybody who has a pickup truck. Chris 6/18/2011

this is my 4th set of mats ... never had a problem with them ... awesome product Alex 4/22/2011

got the floor mats for my brand new Mercedes and I couldn't be happier. They fit like a glove and look awesome! Thanks for the great service. Samantha 3/1/2009

I would like to thank you for the quality products you offer. I have been so satisfied with everything I have gotten from you and will never buy anything else. My most recent purchase is the storage box for the interior. It fits great and looks great with the interior. I have so many items I carry inside my car and needed somewhere to store them all. I was using cardboard boxes but they kept falling I came on here and saw the gearbox. It really is a product. It also cleans up very easy too. Dave 5/23/2006

I just got a brand new car and bought another set of mats. I had them in my previous car which lasted my 200,000 miles and the mats didn't even show a sing of wear. I will be purchasing them for every vehicle I own. Justin 5/2/2010

I found their mud guards after doing some research online. My husband wanted them for his truck so I got a set of 4. He couldn't be happier. Linda 6/3/2005

the husky floor mats I purchased fit so good...i was also very satisfied with the customer service Dan 9/4/2008

Not only do these mats look awesome but they keep my feet away from the mess. When I was using the carpet floor mats my shoes would be all messy from the sand and dirt on the mats. The husky ones keep my shoes out of the mess and keep them dry. I would recommend to these to any of my friends. Pat 8/13/2010

I got the mud guards for my suv and didn't think Id be able to install them. Little did I know, they came with instruction and pre drilled holes. This was awesome and I actually put them on myself. Thanks for making it so easy! Jen 10/12/2007

awesome floor mats with good prices too Mike 2/6/2002

I needed a new set of floor mats for my car cause my original ones had faded so bad and looked ugly. I stumbled upon these husky ones and couldn't be happier. They gave me good customer service and the mats arrived pretty quick. I laid them in my car and fit like a glove. There drivers side attached to the hooks that were there and it does not slide around at all. Makes driving so much better now. Adam 4/9/2011

I originally got the classic style, but wasn't a fan of the diamond plate tread on the top. So I called Ultrarev and they were more than happy to swap out the mats for me. I ended up getting the xact contour ones and they look awesome in my car. i have a newer bmw so the classic style didn't really fit the look of the interior. Greg 7/11/2009

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