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NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs

Most of us don't realize how our vehicle starts every time we turn the key. The starting system is very complex and takes various components to make the engine run. NGK spark plugs have been supporting the automotive industry with quality and durable engine spark plugs. Their spark plugs are very reliable and the user won't have to worry about the vehicle's engine not turning over.

Some of the smallest automotive components are the ones that do the most work. Every automotive engine uses some sort of spark to ignite the fuel for the engine. The job of the spark plug is to take the voltage from the spark plug wire and ignite the fuel. NGK spark plugs have been around for over 50 years. Their ignition spark plugs come in many different styles depending on your specific vehicle. Each vehicle needs something different due to climates or utilizing a diesel engine. Fuel and air mix into the engine's throttle body. The mixture is then injected into the engine's cylinders. From there, the spark plug then receives a spark from the wires. Finally, the spark plug ignites the fuel.

Having over 8 different types of spark plugs, one can only imagine why NGK is such a large company. NGK V-power, NGK G-power, NGK Iridium IX, NGK laser platinum, NGK laser iridium, NGK Commercial series, NGK Pro-v, NGK Standard, NGK Racing spark plugs, and NGK glow plugs are all offered for both import and domestic vehicles. There is one spark plug per cylinder on most automotive engine. A four cylinder engine has four spark plugs and a six cylinder engine has six spark plugs. Sometimes there can be two spark plugs per cylinder. This isn't very common, but it can be found.

For increased fuel economy, the NGK V-power is the choice. This spark plug doesn't require as much voltage like that of the factory spark plug. It can operate just as well at lower voltage levels. It has a greater level of igniting over factory as well. The V-power will last longer and can sustain more abuse than factory. The NGK G-power is a platinum spark plug designed for quicker startup and acceleration. Lower emissions and increased fuel mileage are characteristics of this specific automotive spark plug. Due to its metal plating, it can withstand high heat and is anti-corrosive.

Performance enthusiasts need a spark plug, too. The NGK Iridium IX is specific to those who want improve throttle response and increased anti-fouling. Fouling happens when the tip of the plug is corroded with some sort of substance. The voltage that the spark plug receives cannot be utilized as efficiently. The Iridium IX has a high melting point which works well with high performance engines. The Commercial series is produced for heavy duty and commercial vehicle engines. These plugs have a long service life and are very economical. Fleet vehicles tend to use these for their extended maintenance and are perfect for normal daily driving.

NGK Spark Plugs

Factory fitment is found in the NGK Laser platinum spark plugs. This plug is designed for better fuel economy with lower emissions. Stable idle and anti-fouling are also qualities of this automotive spark plug. Its slow wear rate will provide the owner with long maintenance intervals. The NGK Laser iridium spark plugs are like that of the Laser platinum, but they are a better choice for factory replacement. That being because they have an iridium and platinum tip to increase their life. For consistent performance and a factory-like product, NGK standard plugs are created exactly to OEM specifications. They have consistent performance and are used in millions of vehicles today.

Racing engines need a specific and great amount of spark to get their engine running. NGK racing spark plugs are built to withstand high amounts of shock from the high-revving engines. They are created using materials like gold or platinum. Throttle response is a must for any racing vehicle. NGK racing spark plugs have increased throttle response. NGK glow plugs are revolutionizing the industry. Low emissions are the main goal for these plugs. They are also used to start performance diesel engines. When it gets cold, take some time to heat up and start. NGK glow plugs will do this better than any other spark plug.