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Nology Spark Plug Wires

Nology Spark Plug Wires

Delivering the right amount of spark to the engine's spark plugs is essential to start any automotive engine. The spark needs to be just the right amount to get the engine running, but not too strong to blow a spark plug. Nology spark plug wires have some of the most innovative automotive spark plug wires on the market today. Their ignition products promote the engine's starting capabilities while increasing performance.

Factory spark plug wires will corrode easily and need to be replaced after a couple of years. Nology spark plugs wires are designed to handle wear and tear inside the engine bay. This company has been producing quality ignition components for nearly every car and truck on the road. They have options for both high performance and everyday driving. High performance ignition systems are their specialty.

Automotive performance upgrades to ignition or fuel system will change how the vehicle starts and runs. Aftermarket spark plug wires should be upgraded as well when trying to keep up with other parts. The factory spark plug wires will not be able to handle more spark from the ignition. They are designed to work with factory ignition parts, not aftermarket components. A good set of Nology Hotwires will conduct the electricity much better and deliver a more complete spark. These spark plug wires have their own patent using a built-in capacitor and ground. Electricity is stored in the capacitor until it is ready to deliver a full spark. The entire spark is then discharged and can be used by the spark plug at a much faster rate. In this instance, horsepower is increased by nearly 5 percent. Nology spark plug wires create for easier engine starting, smoother idle, increased fuel economy, increased acceleration, increased torque, higher RPM limits, and lower exhaust temperatures. With so many advantages, upgrading to a set of Nology Hotwires is a no brainer. These automotive spark plug wires are also 50 states legal, as well as CARB approved. Hotwires are available for both import and domestic vehicles and in various colors. Blue, black, red, orange, yellow, purple, and silver can be had from them. Choose the color that accents your color theme and it will look great under the hood.

Spark Plug Wires

For an even cleaner look, Nology separators can be beneficial to routing the wires in neat way. The separators are designed to clamp onto each wires and can be mounted on any surface. There is nothing worse than having wires all over the place in the engine bay. The separators will keep the wires from touching other parts and make for a professional installation. Your Nology Hotwires will be completely secure when using their separators.

Upgrading the ignition components will allow the engine to be more efficient and last longer. A long lasting engine can be very beneficial these days. Most of us aren't willing to shell out so much money for a new car. Nology Hotwires are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install. They do not need to be installed by a professional. Anyone with slight mechanical ability can install their spark plug wires. Nology spark plugs will provide even more spark when used with the Hotwires. Spark plugs must handle the added spark from the ignition. Silver spark plugs are designed for high-performance automotive engines. Silver conducts electricity better than anything else. Most of the Nology Silver plugs do not use a resistor which is great for performance enthusiasts. The resistor tends to rob horsepower from the engine.

For extreme performance, using an upgraded distributor cap will also handle the additional spark that is being delivered to the spark plug wires. The distributor cap increase horsepower, torque, throttle response, and higher RPM limit. Nology Hotwires work best when used with their other products. Aftermarket ignition components are superior to factory components because of the technology used. Factory spark plug wires will corrode easily and need to be replaced after a couple of years. Other ignition parts include power additives, Nology ProFire, Nology PowerCore, Nology ground straps, and ignition modules. Don't be caught with an unreliable ignition system.