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Installing SUV Liners

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If you purchase SUV floor liners, fitting them in correctly is extremely important in order for them to function properly. Installing SUV liners is not difficult at all, but before you begin, it is a good idea to vacuum first and then become acquainted with the entire floor and cargo area of your SUV. This will allow you to know in advance any odd angles or curves you may run into. Sometimes when drivers are installing Husky SUV floor liners, they do not realize that the floor has different surface configurations and figure that the liners will just lay flat where they put them. But what happens is that the liner can bubble on the sides if they are not fit to the perimeter of the floor the way they are designed to.

When you install Husky SUV floor liners to the driver's side, first check to see if your vehicle has hooks or fasteners to attach them to. Even if your SUV does have them, sometimes factory mats are placed over them and you might not have noticed. If they are present, the Husky SUV floor liners for your specific model have a hole (or two holes) for you to fit them through. Simply lay the liner down on the driver's side floor and pop the tab or hook through the hole(s). Stamp it down lightly with your hand to make sure it is completely flat and test it near the doorsills to be sure it reaches all the way. Consult the directions that came with your Husky SUV floor liners if you are unsure.

Installing SUV liners to the rear follows the same steps as the front. For some models, the SUV mats do not extend to the door, especially if that particular vehicle has third-row seating.

A Husky cargo liner is different than floor liners that go in the cabin and is purchased separately. Fitting in a Husky cargo liner is even easier than doing so with SUV floor mats. However, unless your vehicle is brand-new, it is imperative that you vacuum the cargo area before installation. The reason is because the carpet in the cargo area has a tendency to have sediment, sand, or some type of small debris trapped in the fibers. Making sure the area is clean before installing your Husky cargo liner will help ensure that it stays flat and not show any air pockets.

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