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For most drivers, a cat back exhaust is one of the first performance upgrades to make. There is not just one reason why car owners become interested in obtaining their own cat back exhaust. Some want one for the improved, louder sound. Others go for it because they desire the aggressive look. And just about everyone gets a cat back exhaust because they need a smoother running system.

The job of an Invidia catback performance system is to provide bigger pipes for exhaust to flow through. Wider pipes give dirty, restricting exhaust a roomier path to exit. In an OEM exhaust system, the pipes are often thin aluminized tubing which chokes back the airflow that is trying to escape. This puts a damper on horsepower and volume. With an Invidia catback performance exhaust, hot murky air gets shuffled out easier, opening up the sound and giving your car an extra punch. The difference is immediate. Plus, Invidia catback performance exhausts have wide 101mm tips for a racing-inspired showroom look.

Once installed, a cat back exhaust can be responsible for a distinctive, voluminous tone that begins when the ignition starts and builds as the car speeds up. Most drivers describe it as a deep rumble that revs to a higher note as RPMs increase. This sound is helped by the wider steel piping and muffler, which echoes out the sound while keeping it low enough to not get you in trouble for violating local noise statutes. This attribute is one of the key reasons why Invidia exhaust systems are preferred by sport compact owners when it comes to aftermarket auto parts.

When combined with a racing pipe, an Invidia exhaust systemconverts into a turboback. This happens when you take a down pipe and connect it along with the catback system. For serious performance gains, a lot of drivers who compete in racing events use this setup because it delivers an added 20+ HP (horsepower).

Stainless steel is used in the construction of every Invidia exhaust system. This includes the N1, Q300, G200, and Gemini dual exhaust. Steel pipes demonstrate a higher level of durability and stay at a cooler temperature longer than aluminized steel or aluminum.

Depending on which cat back system you choose, exhaust tips can be had in either polished steel or colored titanium.

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