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Tuning up for more performance with a catalytic converter downpipe is a custom application employed by many drivers seeking extra horsepower. It is no secret that sports cars or racing models need a turbo exhaust to hit their peak. That is because the factory exhaust is not meant to give your car the maximum amount of power it is capable of. A catalytic converter downpipe works by freeing up the limitation caused by the OEM exhaust setup without forcing you to go completely catless.

The primary attribute of an Invidia catted downpipe is that it boasts 3" diameter mandrel-bent tubing and large bellmouth. The added space gives car exhaust more room to flow and is not being held back by narrow, angular piping most factory systems demonstrate.

What a catalytic converter downpipe does is take the place of your stock cat and instead, act as a substitute pipe with less bends. Fewer bends in the pipe means exhaust airflow does not get choked back, which lets it move faster. Smoother airflow is important for drivers with racing exhaust components, as the decrease in restriction helps the engine produce more horsepower. A catted divorced downpipe is also a straighter path, with less direction for exhaust to flow through and provides a more concise exit out of the pipes.

Another feature of an Invidia catted down pipe is the divorced wastegate. The wastegate works by separating exhaust flow from the turbine before it exits the pipe. What this does, is create less overall exhaust constraint and cuts down on a lot of the turbulence that was taking place in the turbocharger. Once an Invidia catted down pipe is installed, turbo spools quicker and there is cleaner throttle response.

Invidia crafts all of their catted divorced downpipes from aircraft quality 304 stainless steel. The diameter of the pipe never wavers or collapses but instead, remains incorruptible for as long as it is installed. It also comes with a nice finish in case you want to show your work off once it you are finished with installation, as each catted divorced downpipe is polished to shine before it is shipped out.

You can install a catted divorced pipe on your own or if you choose, a shop can do it for you. Invidia down pipes bolt on to an OEM or aftermarket car exhaust and come with the hardware you need. However, prior to beginning installation, it is suggested to purchase replacement bolts for the factory cat, especially if your model is several years old.

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