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Catted Exhaust Downpipe

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There is no secret why a high flow catted down pipe is a common piece in a performance car's arsenal. The automotive exhaust system is often a high priority for drivers to modify, especially when it comes to road-worthy power. Once you have begun the process, a high flow catted down pipe opens up your exhaust to enact more airflow. This brings more freedom to your engine to create extra horsepower and torque. Once you are all set to go, the results of a full-fledge Invidia exhaust system can be felt immediately.

A high flow catted down pipe connects the catback exhaust to the turbo, further reducing the limiting exhaust flow your car was enduring. When armed with a divorced wastegate, exhaust gases are separated so that they can flow easier. Invidia uses a bellmouth design for their catted exhaust downpipe to help usher exhaust in without restriction, allowing it to flow through the 3" diameter of the pipe. Not only is this a boost to the overall exhaust system, but it adds efficiency, as well.

By itself, a catted exhaust downpipe would contribute a modicum of exhaust flow expansion but its purpose is better-served in conjunction with a catback exhaust. When the two are combined, it is referred to as a turbo back exhaust, since it mates the catback to the turbo. The overall performance benefit of this Invidia down pipe used with a cat back is estimated at up to 15-20 HP, depending on if there are additional racing parts previously installed. Drivers can also expect a different, bass-heavy exhaust tone with less rasp.

Each Invidia down pipe is made entirely of 304 stainless steel and mandrel-bent to show accurate bends for a perfect fit. The thick 1/2" flanges prevent any exhaust leaks or bolt-loosening. Hardware is also included with your Invidia down pipe for a bolt-on installation.

Unlike the catless version, a catted exhaust downpipe sports a catalyst that filters exhaust gases. This is included for drivers who want cleaner emissions. However, an Invidia down pipe is still not an emissions legal part. If you remove all of the cats from your car, it is considered an off-road only vehicle.

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