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Hooking up with a cat delete pipe means that you are looking for performance gains your factory exhaust isn't capable of. In a sports compact model, most of the components are performance-ready, except for the exhaust system. There is restriction that is holding back potential horsepower. One of the easiest ways to unlock extra HP being held hostage is by installing a cat delete pipe.

The OEM catalytic converter functions as a filtration unit within the exhaust system to get rid of harmful exhaust fumes. While effective, this process stands in the way of opening up maximum performance. Exhaust does not get a chance to flow freely. A cat delete pipe takes the place of the catalytic converter, releasing more exhaust flow to let your engine breathe out better to create more horsepower. Once installed, a cat delete pipe assists with a couple of ticks in HP along with an increase in torque with help from the 70mm diameter piping. Throttle response should be improved, as well.

Another result of an Invidia test pipe is a more pronounced exhaust tone. When you step on the accelerator, you will hear the difference as RPMs begin to ascend. It is an aggressive, edgy sound that grabs attention. Mated with additional aftermarket car exhaust components, you can have a deep rumble that is quite defined.

This Invidia test pipe comes equipped with a CEL fix - a welded O2 bung that works with your OEM oxygen sensor to prevent receiving a CEL (check engine light). That is why it is often referred to as a CEL fix test pipe. However, in several state jurisdictions, removing the cat in favor of an Invidia CEL fix test pipe is against emissions guidelines.

Invidia crafts all of their CEL fix test pipes from 304-grade stainless steel with CNC machined flanges. Each pipe is also mandrel-bent for a perfect shape and fitment. For installation, CEL fix test pipes are a bolt-on application to your performance exhaust or stock unit.

CEL fix test pipes are a common addition for most tuners and performance drivers who wish to raise their car's profile without having to deal with the annoyance of check engine light ruining their day. A kick in horsepower, smoother exhaust flow, and an edgier sound are the primary characteristics an Invidia test pipe is responsible for.

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