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Drivers who become interested in Invidia down pipes are seeking a performance advantage over the factory exhaust. OEM exhaust systems are not intended to provide your car with maximum horsepower and torque. When you want to deliver lasting gains on the road, you need racing exhaust parts that will make a difference. Invidia down pipes help make that difference.

Invidia down pipes are made entirely of stainless steel and feature four bends in the pipe to present a wavy L-like shape. Located on the pipe are two oxygen sensors that come with pre-installed plugs to eliminate getting a CEL (check engine light). There is also no assembly required, as they are a one-piece design that installs to an Invidia catback or stock exhaust system.

The goal of a dual sensor down pipe is to supplement your car exhaust's ability to distribute gases. The more airflow is increased, the more horsepower your car is capable of. Dual sensor down pipes have a large sized bell mouth that allows for more exhaust to flow to unleash extra performance that was previously being hindered. Most down pipes have one O2 sensor. The Invidia V2 dual sensor down pipe has an extra sensor bung for drivers who wish to keep the stock device and install a wideband sensor instead.

There can be a massive performance boost when a V2 downpipe is mated to an Invidia catback exhaust system. By itself, any aftermarket exhaust part will help exhaust gases flow more easily, allowing for an extra couple of notches in horsepower. But when you use multiple parts along with an entire system, the difference is more dramatic. There have been numerous dynamometer tests conducted on Subaru performance cars outfitted with both a V2 down pipe and a catback exhaust that saw HP numbers depict an extra 45-60 HP.

Because your car's catalytic converter causes exhaust restriction, an Invidia down pipe installs in place of it. However, removing your catalytic converter is against emissions guidelines according to most motor vehicle agencies. Driving without one can cause you to fail inspection. Cat delete pipes such as this are meant more for competitive racers or enthusiasts who drive their cars in off-road courses.

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