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Selecting the right >EVO 1 piece down pipe for your Lancer does not have to be a challenge. All it takes is finding the right mix of performance, quality, and fitment. Invidia has you covered with their EVO 1 piece down pipe. Designed specifically for editions of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, an Invidia performance downpipe rescues the car exhaust system from the chains that bind it. Racers and tuners know that in order to extract maximum gains in both horsepower and torque means freeing up lagging exhaust flow. Once exhaust is smoothed out, your car is more capable of delivering consistent results that make a difference.

For a sport compact car geared for performance, the exhaust system has to be modified. OEM components are not intended for free-flowing airflow and temperature management that are crucial for racing situations. Installing an EVO 1 piece down pipe is a big step towards solving the issue. Given its 1-piece design, the EVO exhaust downpipe effectively takes the place of the factory catalytic converter, freeing up choked-back exhaust flow. This process helps your car engine take in more air to create more HP and torque. While the number is not the same for every vehicle, you can expect anywhere between 15 and 20 more horses after installing an Invidia performance downpipe.

Top-quality Mitsubishi exhaust parts that are going to be used for performance gains last longer if they are made of steel. Invidia manufacturers all of their EVO exhaust downpipes from 304 stainless steel for two primary reasons. Steel is more durable than stock automotive exhaust components such as cast iron or aluminum. It is also more resistant to rust and corrosion. Secondly, Invidia stainless steel pipes are better able to handle the type of extreme temperatures that can occur when you are pushing the throttle. That is because steel can maintain a cooler temperature longer than other metals.

Installing your EVO 1 piece down pipe involves bolting it in to your stock or replacement racing exhaust. Since it is removing the original catalytic converter, using this part is against most emissions guidelines. That is why many drivers who install Invidia performance downpipes often have access to off-road courses or are competitive racers.

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