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Hooking up with an Invidia EVO test pipe means that you are giving your car an edge on the street or the track.

The number one cause of lag in sport compact cars is exhaust restriction. Even if you have upgraded with other race exhaust parts, an Invidia EVO test pipe puts your system over the top. Designed to replace the stock catalytic converter, Invidia EVO test pipes unlock a healthy dose exhaust flow that had been holding back horsepower. It is a straight-angled pipe that does not provide a detour for airflow but instead, a quicker route out of the way. Once exhaust is freed up, your engine breathes better, your turbo spools faster, and you see a boost in both horsepower and torque. An Invidia EVO test pipe is a common racing application because of this.

Once your car is geared up with an Invidia EVO test pipe, you will notice the performance benefit immediately. There is a reduction in exhaust strain, which should make throttling feel smoother. Because a lot of drivers use EVO turbo pipes, that is the community they are most commonly associated with. Aside from the added power, the reason why an EVO turbo pipe is considered a racing application is because they remove the OEM catalytic converter. In most states, using a cat delete pipe is against emissions guidelines, which is why they are intended for track or off-road use.

Invidia employs a high-tech manufacturing process for all of their EVO turbo pipes. Instead of aluminized steel, aluminum, or cast iron, each Mitsubishi EVO test pipe is crafted from stainless steel to showcase maximum durability. The pipe is also put through a mandrel-bender, which digitally accounts for the exact shape and conformity of the part. For drivers who are concerned about receiving a CEL, there are EVO turbo pipe variations that come installed with O2 sensor bungs.

In terms of installation, there is not a lengthy procedure for Mitsubishi EVO test pipes. It will not be necessary to make additional changes to your stock or aftermarket car exhaust components. Instead, a Mitsubishi EVO test pipe bolts directly on to your header and exhaust system. If going for a DIY install, it is recommended to use ramps or a lift and have appropriate metric wrenches available (hardware is included with each test pipe).

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