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An Invidia exhaust manifold plays an important role in a performance car's exhaust system. Connected to the cylinder head of your engine, the Invidia exhaust manifold is tasked with gathering exhaust gases that emanate from the ports to shuffle them out and through the system. Its other job is to halt harmful fumes from finding their way into the car. When you add a performance exhaust system to your car, the stock manifold doesn't have the capability eliminate exhaust gases as efficiently, which winds up causing increased unnecessary air restriction. Once installed with an Invidia exhaust manifold, the entire system is complete and gases can be released more freely.

The primary result of installing an Invidia exhaust manifold is better performance. More horsepower and torque is established, especially at speed, which is why they are intended as racing exhaust manifolds. Drivers who own cars that are designed for competitive racing or car show demonstrations use a racing exhaust manifold because without one, their vehicles will lag considerably, even if other performance components are in place. A racing exhaust manifold is usually one of the first pieces to any aftermarket engine configuration intended for performance. It is also why they are meant for off-road use only.

Factory manifolds are constructed of cast iron, which while strong, doesn't combine optimally with steel headers and mufflers. Invidia manifolds are manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel to promote both compatibility and durability. They are also shaped using mandrel-bent tubing for added space and improved airflow. This allows Invidia manifolds to combine with steel exhaust headers easily to free up the restricted gases that hinder your car's throttle response and horsepower. There is also a decrease in overall lag as RPMs climb. When you start the engine and put the car in gear, kickover is faster and the boost in HP becomes noticeable right away.

Each Invidia manifold is designed for a car's exact year, make, and model. As for installing one for your car, it is a bolt-on application that includes a flex pipe to prevent cracking (for eligible models). Since it is a custom-designed part, the turbo manifold should fit in very easily to the existing exhaust setup and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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