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Front Pipe Material

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Other brands may use aluminized steel or OEM cast iron, but Invidia front pipes are crafted from complete SUS304 stainless steel. Most performance drivers and competitive racers prefer steel exhaust parts over other materials due to a variety of reasons. Long-term durability, temperature management, and a smooth, attractive finish are the primary benefits steel exhaust parts provide.

Stainless steel is important for Invidia front pipes to retain long-term functionality. The location of steel exhaust parts is constantly under siege by hot gases and fumes. Materials such as aluminized steel and even cast iron rust over time. Worse yet, pipes can weaken and flanges can crack. With stainless steel, Invidia front pipes are able to persevere through the harsh conditions the undercarriage of your car is home to.

The heat that travels through Invidia front pipes is considerable. Since the pipe is a type of metal, it absorbs the temperature and acts as a conductor. With steel as the material, a front cat pipe is not in danger of becoming overexposed and slows down the buildup of heat over an extended period of time. Aluminum, which is used for many OEM car parts, heats up quicker and is much more susceptible to long-term damage.

Front cat pipes also work better with other steel components. When there are differing materials, there can be interference between pipes, flanges, and hardware. If a pipe in the aftermarket exhaust system, such as the catalytic converter, is comprised of aluminum and is mated to a steel front cat pipe, damage from one can translate to damage in another. Because one part becomes weakened, it can challenge the integrity of the entire exhaust.

Of course, stainless steel is very popular when it comes to the finish of high flow front pipes. Invidia polishes all of their steel parts before shipping them out, that way when they arrive to your door they already present a nice shine. A lot of car owners need stainless steel exhaust parts not just because of their strength, but also their appearance. That is because a lot of times, these drivers present their cars at different types of auto shows and car demonstrations where their vehicles are put on display. Polished steel presents a shiny finish that many in the industry prefer.

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