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Two exhausts are better than one, which is why the Gemini dual exhaust by Invidia gets so much attention. The key to any aftermarket dual exhaust system is how it fits in with the stock components. Not every exhaust fits in every car. Gemini dual exhausts are designed specifically for a certain segment of performance cars that drivers set up for racing.

There are several benefits to a Gemini dual exhaust system. Factory automotive exhausts are implemented to efficiently usher out dirty or harmful gas that emanates from the engine bay. But it is a process that acts in a restrictive manner because the piping features numerous bends and narrower tubing. This causes airflow to be choked, especially in cars with a V6 or V8 engine. An Invidia Gemini exhaust system uses two pipes to separate the gases away from the engine, resulting in more fluidity for the air to flow. The dual-pipe attack keeps air moving out from the car exhaust quicker and more efficiently.

The Invidia Gemini exhaust also uses less bends in the pipes to increase the level of airflow. Once this airflow is no longer as restricted, the engine is free to churn out more horsepower and torque. One of the key aspects aside from the added step of horsepower is the exhaust tone. An Invidia Gemini exhaust emits a rumbling sound that starts building as you begin to stamp down on the pedal. You notice it more when the RPMs balance between mid and high range. The tone coming from the Invidia Gemini exhaust is loud and unmistakable. However, it stays within the 95 dB limit observed by state motor vehicle laws.

Invidia constructs the Gemini exhaust system from T-304 stainless steel with TIG welding. The pipes are mandrel-bent and each curve of each bend is custom-designed for both effective airflow and an exact fit.

You have three choices of tips with a Gemini exhaust system: Polished stainless steel, rolled titanium, and slash-cut titanium. This is offered because many drivers who might purchase a Gemini exhaust system might take their car to display at automotive shows. It is a nice option to have when ordering, as other performance dual exhaust systems force consumers to purchase tips separately.

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