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If you are interested in lessening some of the restriction coming from the exhaust system, an Invidia catted overpipe is an important piece to the puzzle. An Invidia catted overpipe is made to bypass the factory catalytic converter in order to unlock more overall power. But this is not a customization for every driver. Invidia catted overpipes are intended only for car owners who race competitively or in an off-road environment. Drivers who run performance vehicles need all of the horsepower they can get. Choosing an Invidia cat over pipe is a good start.

What makes an Invidia cat over pipe a performance upgrade is that it alleviates restriction that comes from the stock cat, which slows down the exhaust system. The catalytic converter is responsible for filtering out noxious exhaust gases into a safer gas that gets escorted out of the exhaust pipes. This process plays a role in hindering your car's performance. By removing the catalytic converter, exhaust is not being detoured somewhere else before being ushered out. Bolting on an Invidia cat over pipe in place of the stock cat makes the entire exhaust system run smoother and quicker.

Invidia cat over pipes are featured in many competitive race cars within different circuits. That is because in a racing model, it is crucial for the engine to have as little restriction as possible. Plus, racecars are not subject to local emissions laws. Before installing a racing cat overpipe it is recommended to consult local emissions laws to inquire about legal eligibility.

In many instances, a steel turbo over pipe is just one part of a car exhaust system that has been customized. Invidia over pipes can be installed to OEM components or fit in with aftermarket performance mods. The flanges are constructed large to promote a versatile fit in place of your car's cat. You will receive the required hardware and gaskets with your exhaust over pipe upon arrival.

Most stock exhaust parts are made of cast iron. Invidia racing cat overpipes are stainless steel because steel is lighter and more resistant to rust. That is important because your car is not taking on a heavy auto part that will weigh down the entire exhaust system. Once installed, the performance benefit of the Invidia racing cat overpipe will be evident right away.

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