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Serious drivers know the performance value Invidia exhaust systems are responsible for. That is because if you know your car, be it a Subaru Forester XT or a Honda Civic S2000, you realize that the stock exhaust system is responsible for a lot of restriction that stops your car from being able to reach its fullest potential. With a brand like Invidia that specializes in producing racing exhaust parts and performance headers, you have the ability to customize the exhaust configuration in your ride to set it up in a way that sees long-term benefits in both horsepower and sound.

Invidia exhaust systems are available for many racing-inspired sport compacts. The primary configuration Invidia offers are catback exhausts, which install where the catalytic converter begins and ends at the back of the car near the exhaust tips. The N1, Q300, Gemini dual exhaust, and G200 are Invidia's main turbo exhausts. These setups are widely used by competitive racers and tuning enthusiasts looking for a rumbling, defined exhaust tone to go along with the added kick in horsepower.

One of the key benefits to Invidia exhaust systems is that they assist in making exhaust flow more efficient. When exhaust gases are held back or restricted, the engine has to work just a little bit harder and cannot operate at max power. Turbo exhausts free up the airflow that had been keeping your car from being able to reach its full performance potential.

Invidia uses stainless steel to manufacture all of their turbo exhaust parts. Each pipe is mandrel-bent for a wider diameter and a precise fit to your car's undercarriage. Flanges are CNC-machined to guarantee a durable fitment to any other exhaust parts or performance headers. The difference a turbo exhaust makes over the OEM system is noticeable immediately following installation. You will notice the turbo spools quicker, and getting up to speed feels more natural.

In addition to exhausts, Invidia also offers performance headers, cat test pipes, turbo downpipes, and over pipes. You can use these racing parts in conjunction with your OEM exhaust or with an entirely new system. Test pipes take away the stock catalytic converter to open up exhaust gases even more than before for a supplemental jump in performance. Invidia exhaust systems can be added onto with other custom parts for boosts in both horsepower and torque that set your car apart even more.

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