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If you are looking for an Invidia front pipe, it means you are trying to give your car any advantage you can get your hands on. The goal of an Invidia front pipe is to assist the automotive exhaust system in escorting gases through the engine and out of the pipes with a greater level of efficiency. Invidia front pipes are currently only produced for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and the Toyota 86GT.

Invidia constructs all of their car exhaust front pipes from T-304 stainless steel. This helps ensure the pipe is both rust and corrosion-resistant, especially due to its location in the undercarriage.

Invidia automotive front pipes are referred to as high flow, because they allow a greater amount of air (or exhaust) to flow through. Invidia high flow front pipes feature a 60mm diameter pipe size that handle exhaust gas distribution much more efficiently than stock exhaust system parts can.

In a standard automobile, the catalytic converter is intended to clear out harmful gases while converting them to safer fumes before being escorted out of the exhaust system. But with a performance car, the catalytic converter is restrictive, slowing down airflow and keeping hidden performance locked away. There are two versions of Invidia car front pipes available - catted and catless. Catted maintains the intention of the stock cat while catless does not. An Invidia high flow front pipe replaces your cat with a wider piping that bypasses the restrictive influence that was previously in the way. Exhaust gets distributed quicker, unlocking airflow and hence, unlocking horsepower. The gain available from installing Invidia high flow front pipes can be felt as you step on the pedal and your RPMs climb. You will notice the extra punch as well as a deeper exhaust tone.

The most important aspect to exhaust front pipes is how they fit. There are some aftermarket brands where you have to use a hammer on the flanges in order to get the piping to seal with the gasket. With an Invidia exhaust front pipe, you will not have to worry. Each Invidia exhaust front pipe is manufactured exactly to your car's exhaust dimensions and ground clearance capability.

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