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Looking for extra performance? An Invidia over pipe is designed to enhance exhaust flow that has been hindered and holding you back. The Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S are two models whose owners are willing to go the extra mile to manufacture more horsepower. If you are looking to customize the exhaust setup in your car, an Invidia over pipe is one of the first items you are going to need. One of the biggest issues with gaining more performance is dealing with disrupted airflow, even after adding aftermarket exhaust components. When you install an Invidia over pipe it means delivering a breath of fresh air throughout your exhaust that boosts horsepower in a hurry.

The job of an Invidia car overpipe is to improve the flow of exhaust gases out of the engine and to their exit out of the exhaust tips. When exhaust has a freer route to travel, it moves with greater expediency, allowing the engine to breathe better and in turn, air to flow easier. Once the air can move easily, your engine is able to churn out more performance than it was before. An Invidia car overpipe works in concert with the exhaust system to offer another route of distribution for exhaust gases. Once freed up, your car's racing profile is immediately bolstered.

Invidia car overpipes are made of specialized SUS304 polished stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for Invidia car overpipes because they provide both excellent durability and a tough yet glimmering finish that resists rust and corrosion. Invidia steel exhaust over pipes showcase 60mm piping that is mandrel-bent. Invidia employs mandrel bending to shape exhaust over pipes. This process protects the steel as it is being shaped for size and fitment, and ensures that the bends in the pipe will be precise.

Exhaust over pipes are currently designed by Invidia for three models - Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86GT. Each exhaust over pipe is manufactured to fit according to the dimensions of the exhaust as well as the height of the vehicle to account for ground clearance. They are also vehicle-specific and guaranteed to fit perfectly.

Installation of cat overpipes may not be in compliance with certain state emissions standards. It is best to check with your local motor vehicle guidelines before installing a performance over pipe.

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