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Freeing up restricting exhaust gases is the job of an Invidia race header. If you are expecting to get your sporty compact racetrack ready, you cannot let the stock exhaust settings continue to hold you back. An Invidia race header works directly with your turbo to give you that extra edge off the line you have been looking for.

Any driver looking for performance car parts knows what an Invidia race header is designed for - escorting exhaust gases out more efficiently. This is an important factor that helps your engine throw out more precious horsepower. With too much exhaust restriction, stock turbos have trouble reaching maximum performance. The job of an Invidia race header is to supplement your OEM turbo by alleviating the exhaust gases that have been impeding your car's ability to hit the next level. As soon as exhaust airflow is able to travel without as much effort, turbo spools quicker and throttle response speeds up.

This turbo exhaust header is a 4-2-1 design, meaning the top four pipes that connect to the engine merge into two pipes and then finally, into one pipe that is mated to the exhaust. This configuration makes an Invidia 4-2-1 header ideal for mid-range performance on the street because you are constantly shifting between 3,000-6,000 RPMs. However, when combined with your stock turbo setup and other aftermarket auto exhaust parts, using an Invidia 4-2-1 header can produce surprisingly larger results.

Invidia 4-2-1 headers are 100% stainless steel, so the pipes will sustain an exacting hold and resist any rust or corrosion. Throughout the entire turbo exhaust header are top-quality TIG welds, which increase durability while permitting superior airflow. The diameters of the piping is 44mm (top four), 54mm (middle two), and 70mm (bottom pipe that connects to the exhaust). The full turbo exhaust header weighs 21 lbs.

Installation can be a do-it-yourself application. Since Invidia turbo exhaust headers are designed in conjunction with your factory exhaust manifold, you will not have to make any additional changes to your exhaust. Instead, it bolts right in place. Hardware is included.

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