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The primary reason why a driver would install an Invidia test pipe is because it is a quick and effective way to drum up more horsepower. Not every vehicle on the road is eligible for this kind of aftermarket addition, as Invidia test pipes are intended only for an exclusive list of performance cars. An Invidia test pipe is a stainless steel pipe and exhaust component most often employed in race cars and show cars. It replaces your car's catalytic converter, which is why this part is often referred to as a cat test pipe.

A catalytic converter's job, in short, is to initiate a chemical reaction that converts toxic gases from your engine into harmless gas that is distributed through the muffler and out of the exhaust. However, the catalytic converter is restrictive and does not allow air to flow as freely as it can. Cat test pipes replace the catalytic converter and allow air to flow with greater freedom, which produces performance gains and reduces back pressure. The piping is straight through, so the air can travel quickly in and out. Once outfitted with a cat test pipe, a performance car's performance turbocharged ability is enhanced immediately. You may notice that the sound coming from the exhaust is slightly different, as well. This is because the catalytic converter test pipe has eliminated a lot of the heavy droning normally associated with the interference of the stock cat. As RPM's climb the sound from the cat delete pipe should become even smoother.

Invidia cat test pipes are crafted from stainless steel because it is the most durable material for this type of application. In order for them to be shaped congruent to the part's intention and the cars they are designed for, cat delete pipes are mandrel-bent for a precise shape. They also include a welded O2 bung that is compatible with your car's factory O2 sensor.

For installation, Invidia cat delete pipes bolt-on to your car's stock header and exhaust without having to modify any of the existing components. All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included with Invidia cat pipes. Removal of a catalytic converter is reserved only for cars that are competitive racing models or show vehicles.

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