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Updating the exhaust system with an Invidia x fit pipe means clearing out the cat in favor of increased airflow. This is not a casual modification, because taking out the catalytic converter in your car is a commitment. Only drivers who own or operate specified performance cars are eligible for the addition of an Invidia x fit pipe. Without a catalytic converter, a car will experience several performance benefits such as improved air efficiency in the exhaust and a boost in horsepower. But the correct automotive exhaust parts have to be employed to replace it, and that is the job of an Invidia x fit pipe.

In a regular automobile the catalytic converter works to alter the noxious gases that are emitted between the engine and the exhaust. It turns these gases from harmful to safe while they exit the exhaust system. However, this process puts a restriction on the rate in which the air from the engine is dispelled. An Invidia x fit pipe installed in its place allows this air to exit the engine with less restraint, resulting in more horsepower. Installing an Invidia x fit pipe also reduces the back pressure that is normally created by the constricted airflow. Improved throttle response and torque are evident soon after a performance model is outfitted with an Invidia x-fit pipe. Your car will sound differently, too, throwing out a more pronounced, hungrier tone when you step on the pedal and the RPMs begin to rise. This works very well in conjunction with a completely customized exhaust setup.

Invidia constructs their x pipes out of stainless steel. Using steel over iron or aluminum is more conducive because with steel, the x test pipes are more durable in relation to the area and are also able to be mandrel-bent for both shape and fitment. Mandrel bending is a common automotive manufacturing method when it comes to metal or steel. It includes the use of a linked ball or rod that is placed inside of the tubing that lends a great deal of support in order to stave off cracks or wrinkles. Ball mandrels are used most often on products like x test pipes to ensure accurate bends within the structure.

Of course, stainless steel promotes a finish that will endure for a longer period of time, as well. Located underneath the car and constantly shuffling exhaust gas will cause corrosive interference on other types of metal. Stainless steel both inside and on the surface level of the exhaust test pipe resist the heated environment, which is what helps Invidia x fit pipes stay strong and last.

X fit pipes from Invidia do not present a lengthy installation. They are manufactured custom to your make and model and fit right in with the existing stock or aftermarket auto exhaust parts. In some cars, removing the bolts on the cat on the passenger's side from under the car can be difficult. If this is the case, it is better to use ratchet extensions and do so from the hood. Installing cat x tubes vary depending on the model. If you have any questions about the benefits or installation procedure regarding an Invidia x pipe, you can contact UltraRev during normal business hours or via email to find out more information.

It can be tricky removing a catalytic converter due to emissions requirements. These requirements vary depending on the state and/or municipality in which the car will be operated in. In some places, removal of a catalytic converter in favor of a car exhaust test pipe will mean your car will not pass state mandated automobile inspection. Despite these parameters, many drivers still choose to do so because of the performance increase. This is a key reason why the use of an Invidia x test pipe is most commonly seen by drivers who are currently competitive in sanctioned auto racing or show off their cars at automobile shows and conferences.

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