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Setting up your Mitsubishi Evo exhaust for maximum output involves finding the right parts. There are many options to consider, depending on what auto parts you may already have or if you are starting fresh. You can go with a complete Invidia performance exhaust system that overhauls the OEM unit or instead, just add a steel downpipe or test pipe to give your car an extra kick. Many drivers use a Mitsubishi Evo exhaust to give their ride a hungrier, turbocharged sound. Whatever your reasons are, Invidia offers aftermarket exhaust components that fit your needs.

Evo racing exhaust systems come as catbacks, which means they install at the catalytic converter and end at the exhaust tips. This type of system is known to add additional horsepower as well as a deeper, more pronounced exhaust tone. Performance-enthused drivers who own a Lancer want an Evo racing exhaust system to bypass a lot of the air restriction caused by the factory components. It works because the pipes are 76mm wide with 101mm wide tips. This helps move exhaust through a lot easier, giving your engine extra strength to get going. Installing a catback exhaust is often the first modification made in cars that are customized for competitive racing.

There are add-ons that are often used to increase performance even more. If you have already installed a complete Mitsubishi Evo exhaust system, there are special piping options that bolt-on directly which open up airflow in other areas. An Invidia test pipe takes over for the catalytic converter, further reducing back-pressure and restriction. Mostly, this customization is referred to professional drivers or those who perform in off-road courses.

Invidia constructs all of their Mitsubishi Evo exhaust parts from stainless steel with thick CNC-machined flanges for a perfect fit. Flanges in an Invidia performance exhaust are important, especially if connecting to stock pipes. If flanges are narrow, there can be a leak or bolt-loosening. All of their pipes are put in a mandrel-bender, so the bends are accurately placed and durable.

If you have been waiting to install a full Evo racing exhaust system, you have a variety of options available. The key is knowing how you want your car to perform and what your budget is. Invidia performance exhaust parts are known for both their quality and price.

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