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Improving functionality and performance is what an Invidia N1 cat back exhaust is all about. Racers prefer replacing the OEM system in favor of an aftermarket exhaust. That is because an Invidia N1 cat back exhaust has several advantages over a factory system, especially when it comes to overall performance. It is the total package for sport compacts. Each N1 exhaust system includes a muffler, midpipe, exhaust tip, and hardware.

The Invidia N1 cat back is a single tip, single canister muffler system. Stock exhaust systems are cumbersome units with slim pipes. This causes exhaust airflow and gases to be choked back instead of escorted out easily. An Invidia N1 cat back features direct 3" piping in a lighter unit, not only liberating exhaust flow, but also reducing the weight in your vehicle. With exhaust being freed up, your car will demonstrate a rise in mid to top-end performance that you will be cognizant of as soon as you throw your car in gear. There is also a reduction in back-pressure and a jump in throttle response.

You can also expect a distinctive sound after installing an N1 catback exhaust. Having a strong, beastly tone is often the goal of many drivers seeking a performance exhaust. With an N1 catback exhaust, the volume gets turned up a notch or two, delivering a custom rumble that smoothens out on the freeway. It is not too loud though, as it stays within the 95 decibel level required in most jurisdictions.

Like all Invidia racing parts in their catalog, N1 exhaust systems are comprised of 304-grade stainless steel for durability and finish. Stainless steel also manages heat better for when pipes get hot, keeping the N1 catback exhaust able to shuffle airflow out effectively. The thick CNC-machined flanges prevent leaks and loosening. Depending on the application there are also different tips. N1 exhaust systems can be ordered with a polished steel or burnt titanium tip.

N1 catback exhaust systems by Invidia are available for a variety of performance models including the Acura RSX, Honda Civic SI, Nissan 350Z, Subaru WRX/STI, Mitsubishi EVO, and Toyota Celica. These cars are well-known within both the competitive racing and tuning communities. Invidia manufactures auto parts only for this distinctive segment of vehicles because owners of these cars are serious about high-end performance

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