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The main benefits a Q300 racing exhaust offers is a louder tone, custom appearance, and an improvement in your car's exhaust efficiency. These characteristics are important to most sport compact tuners because neglecting the exhaust keeps your car from its highest potential. Starting off on the right foot with a Q300 racing exhaust instantly covers several crucial bases. It does not matter if you are interested in going towards performance or simply want to look like you are, an Invidia Q300 racing exhaust is a great place to start.

Drivers depend on an aftermarket cat back to usher out a larger sound. This is one effect an Invidia Q300 racing exhaust delivers. It works because its job is to free up exhaust the OEM system strangles. Factory exhaust pipes usually measure between 2-2.4" wide. The pipes in a Q300 catback are a full 3" wide in diameter, allowing exhaust to flow with greater movement than before. When the exhaust is distributed through the muffler, you hear that zooming, rumbling note you have been waiting for. The best part is that it stays within the 95 dB (decibel) range enforced in most jurisdictions.

By itself, the Invidia Q300 catback is not a complete performance exhaust. While it can help deliver an added few ticks of horsepower, what it does most is help set the basis for additional racing pipes. Drivers who plan on racing or driving off-road need parts such as down pipes and test pipes to really kick the horsepower into overdrive. When a down pipe is mated with a Q300 catback exhaust, it creates a turboback system. This type of system can be responsible for as much as 25 extra HP (horsepower). When done right, an Invidia cat back is the main part of a powerful performance exhaust system.

Depending on your model, your Invidia cat back can come with either polished steel or titanium tips. The tips are often a focal point in a replacement exhaust system. This is how people notice your car from the back and can be an important accent if you display your car at shows. Some Invidia cat back tips for the Q300 are double-walled, which gives them a thicker, more durable quality.

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