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The point of an Invidia catback exhaust is to reduce the amount of restriction stemming from the factory exhaust. Inside every car exhaust, there is a series of pipes that inhale gases and dirty air from the engine in an effort to spit them out. Due to the nature of this process, it takes several pipes located in your car's undercarriage to effectively rid your vehicle of the fumes. However, factory exhaust pipes are not implemented with performance as the goal. That is because the piping is narrow with numerous bends and angles. Exhaust flow becomes restricted. Invidia catback exhausts are designed with wider pipes and higher quality materials meant to improve the level of airflow so that your engine performance increases, giving your car more horsepower and torque.

There are two main types of exhaust systems: Cat back and axle-back. The difference is in the configuration, although both systems have the same goal. An Invidia catback exhaust begins location at the catalytic converter and stretches back to the exhaust tips. An axle-back concentrates mainly on the muffler section in back of the car near the axles, hence the name. A single layer catback exhaust removes more restrictive piping and is preferred by many sport compact car owners due to the elevated sound and performance.

Drivers with a single layer catback like that the tips have a slimmer quality when it comes to their looks. A single layer catback exhaust is a specific system noted by the one individual layer of the exhaust tips. These tips may have one layered wall or two, but there is no discernible difference in performance. There is slightly more vibration with one layer, which adds to the depth of the exhaust tone. Tips are available in either polished steel or titanium.

Aside from improved performance, the key reason why a single layer catback is an upgrade over the OEM system is the sound. Invidia designed their single layer exhausts with a muffler that could absorb the level of vibration and deliver a concise, deep tone. Sometimes, aftermarket mufflers give off a raspy, overbearing roar. Not only can it be unpleasant, but in many places, over the 95dB requirement. With an Invidia single layer exhaust, the sound is evened out and invokes a sporty, custom quality.

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