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Appearance and sound are what make a Subaru G200 exhaust a popular upgrade. Drivers looking for a racing edge are concerned as much about profile as they are about performance. Having the right exhaust setup is a crucial part of the equation. WRX STI owners are always looking for aftermarket Subaru car parts that fit with OEM-precision and deliver performance that makes a difference. With a Subaru G200 exhaust, these drivers get exactly what they are looking for.

There are several key characteristics of a Subaru G200 exhaust. The first is in the location. Each Invidia G200 catback installs at the catalytic converter with the muffler placed towards the back of the vehicle. That is why it is called a "catback system." Its wider 76mm pipes distribute airflow easier than the stock exhaust, which is what helps give your WRX STI an added kick. The second trait why drivers are interested in an Invidia G200 catback is due to the sound. Once installed, you can expect a loud, rumbling tone that sustains, but is low enough to where you can still carry a conversation in the car. The only time the Invidia G200 catback volume is unrelenting is when you go full throttle (WOT).

Another unmistakable attribute when it comes to an Invidia G200 catback is the look. Fans of racing style cars desire exhaust tips that are fashionable and noticeable. They want something eye-catching. WRX STI exhaust tips are 125mm in diameter, meaning the size stands out instantly. It also contributes to the overall tone that the car will be throwing out when in-gear. But it is the colored titanium that the exhaust tips display that puts completes the package. Taking a look at your car from the back makes a quick impression with the larger colored tip. It is a custom statement WRX STI exhaust systems make that all of your peers pay attention to.

If you are looking for automotive exhaust parts for your Subaru, choosing high quality craftsmanship that meets your budget is always a priority. Invidia specializes in manufacturing stainless steel WRX STI exhaust systems that meet the highest standard. Every pipe is mandrel-bent and welded for concise bends and extra durability. The flanges are 1/2" thick and CNC-machined to eliminate leaks and provide a worry-free installation.

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