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Invidia makes Subaru racing parts that concentrate on improving the exhaust system. Owners of Subaru sport models know that it can be difficult to find consistent quality and authentic parts that fit the way they are promised. With Invidia, drivers have a wide range of Subaru racing parts available to them guaranteed to fit, including car exhausts, test pipes, cat delete pipes, headers, and more.

One of the most important upgrades for the Subaru WRX STI and Forester XT is an Invidia exhaust system. The reason is because despite the sporty profile these cars are known for, their stock exhausts enact a substantial amount of restriction that holds back horsepower. Both competitive racers and street tuners value every little drop of HP their car is capable of. Replacing the OEM configuration is often a priority because of this and it takes special Subaru performance parts to do it right. And it takes high quality design from a company that knows more about your car than anyone else.

When it comes to Subaru racing parts, Invidia exhaust systems are among the most widely used. That is because the company has been a leader in aftermarket exhausts for a long time and understands what performance drivers expect. There are several options of Invidia exhaust systems designed specifically to raise your car's performance to where it should be. The N1 catback provides performance gains in an affordable package, while the Q300 is known for a jump in both horsepower and torque few can match. For power, throttle response, and a beastly tone, the Gemini dual exhaust setup offers the ultimate in racetrack-ready improvement.

Aside from Invidia exhaust systems, you can find other tuner accessories that will help your car hit overdrive sooner. Invidia manufacturers test pipes and down pipes that replace the stock catalytic converter in your car to assist in getting more horsepower freed by the engine. All of Invidia's Subaru performance parts are crafted from stainless steel and feature mandrel-bent tubing, which allows for wide pipes that are far more durable (and effective) than the OEM exhaust components are.

If you are looking to find a top quality aftermarket exhaust for your WRX or Forester XT, Invidia is a name that can be trusted. They design Subaru performance parts for drivers seeking a racing edge and a custom exhaust note with years of experience to back it up.

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