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An important part of modifying your car is inserting an Invidia test pipe. This is a favorite addition for many drivers of sport compacts because of the instant change in performance they see from it. Immediately after installing test pipes, owners of Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO models rave about how much more punch their cars have and how aggressive the exhaust sounds. However, some inexperienced drivers stay away from customizing the exhaust because they think installing test pipes is a very difficult procedure. But if you have the right tools, a jack, and enough space, bolting in an Invidia test pipe is doable for most.

One item to be reminded of is that installing test pipes is easier and safer if your car has been cool for an extended period of time. If the stock exhaust area is still heated, it will be difficult to maneuver and hold certain parts that will be removed. Assuming the cat is cooled down enough, it is safe to get started with installing your Invidia test pipe. Before you begin, it is important to have the tools you need. Metric sockets, a 1 1/2 ton floor jack, crescents, and jack stands should be all you require. If your car is lowered, ramps may do the job. Find the jack point, which is usually located near the middle under the panels.

The first thing you need to do is be prepared to remove the plate that resides under the resonator. It takes loosening 8 bolts. Once the bolts are loosened up, using a little elbow grease, push the plate forward until it is clear of the holes and take it down. There is a bracket below the cat. This should have 4 bolts with another one right below it. This part can be tricky. Loosen up the bolts almost all the way, but do not remove it quickly. If it drops, it will fall straight down on your head. After the bolts are loosened to your satisfaction, carefully lower it out.

Next, it is time to take out the exhaust hangers. For this you can employ a flathead screwdriver to twist the rubber to gain space and traction. As soon as you have enough clearance, you should see a hole in the middle. To keep it stationary, insert a rod through it. When you are done, remove the nuts that combine the catalytic converter and resonator. The last bolt might be difficult because it is usually welded to the cat's flanges. There should be two additional welded bolts towards the top of the stock cat. A lot of people find using a ratchet extension works best here due to the distance. Plus, it will give you extra leverage you are likely going to need.

Making sure the catalytic converter is crucial is before putting in your Invidia test pipe because of this next step. Here, you have to take the cat out and just grabbing it if it is hot is not a good idea. Either way, holding the arms of the cat should make it easier. You can temporarily detach the exhaust hangers to give you more space, but be careful to have something to hold the weight of the resonator, such as a milk crate turned upside down. At this point, you are over half way through with installing the Invidia test pipe. The most difficult steps are completed.

This is the best part, because now you get to insert the Invidia test pipe. Remember, the catalytic converter had welded bolts that you will need to put back in (or use new bolts of the same size that you purchased). The side with the flanges that have been unfastened is what is mated to the resonator. Attach the down pipe side that has the bolts. These bolts are spring loaded. After it is connected, re-install the resonator. For this, you will want new nuts and bolts. If you do not have replacements, you can still use the factory springs but it is recommended to use washers. Now go back to where you began and put back the plate and bracket with the original bolts. And you are finished!

If you want to give your car a full-fledge racing exhaust, an Invidia test pipe is an important part of the process. The amount of restriction coming from the exhaust becomes significantly reduced, which helps your engine deliver a boost in both horsepower and torque. Plus, your exhaust will belt out a rumbling, racing-inspired soundtrack every time you put the car in gear. There are a lot of Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru performance parts drivers love, but an Invidia test pipe is one item that is often a priority.

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