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Drivers care about Invidia exhaust tips because they want a racing-inspired appearance that stands out. When you upgrade your automotive exhaust system, one of the benefits is showing off the results. People notice catback exhaust tips right away because they are larger and shinier than OEM tailpipes. They also deliver a more pronounced sound. However, it is their look why most car owners insist on adding them to their rides. Whether you are driving on the highway or your car is parked in a crowded lot, Invidia exhaust tips get attention wherever they are seen.

An aftermarket performance exhaust is a popular addition for many tuners because these drivers are looking for increased performance. They want to go faster and sound louder. But they also want their cars to present a custom look. Instead of having to purchase steel or titanium exhaust tips separately, Invidia catback systems offer both. This is a big relief for many car owners, because sometimes, drivers will purchase an entirely new exhaust system and still have to buy titanium exhaust tips on their own.

Invidia exhaust tips are included with their exhausts, so there is no additional purchase necessary. You can choose tips that present a different mood. Polished steel tips are common for drivers who want to keep a classic profile and match other steel car parts or chrome trim. You see this most often on Mustangs and Infiniti G35 models. Those who go with titanium exhaust tips are determined to achieve a sportier, contemporary look. Many cars that can be seen on regional auto racing circuits have this style. That may be because titanium Invidia exhaust tips have a colored band towards the opening outlined in burnt yellow, red, and deep royal blue, so they tend to pop out.

All Invidia catback exhaust tips feature a 101mm diameter, which not only presents a custom statement, but aids in exhaust flow, as well. Wider piping is always a good thing when it comes to the exhaust system, as it helps free up airflow to a greater degree, offering a slight kick in HP along with a deeper, fuller sound. There is also not a separate installation to worry about. Because catback exhaust tips come with the entire system, no further modifications are required.

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