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The next step in custom race performance is an Invidia turboback exhaust. Setting up your car for consistent gains and a louder, unique sound cannot be accomplished with OEM car exhaust pipes. It takes knowing how the factory exhaust operates and then finding the right pieces to make it complete. An Invidia turboback exhaust is the culmination of several components mated together to provide significant improvement for your car's racing profile.

Plenty of drivers choose to install a catback exhaust system to initiate a humming yet aggressive sound along with a distinct, custom appearance. But these car owners also want to see an increase in performance. While a catback system does help free up exhaust airflow, which in turn releases more horsepower, by itself it is not a thorough racing system. However, when an Invidia turbo downpipe is thrown into the mix, performance skyrockets and so does the sound.

When you combine the usage of an Invidia turbo downpipe with a catback, it is referred to as a turbo back exhaust system. Alone, a cat back system might only demonstrate 5-10 horsepower. When you connect a downpipe to the unit that number rises between 15-20 HP. This is because the Invidia turbo down pipe works in conjunction with the catback system to free up exhaust. Both units have wide stainless steel pipes, which allow exhaust gases to flow with much more independence. When the airflow is passed through the cat back muffler, the air from the engine helps unleash a more dynamic tone, as well. For some drivers, a louder sound is one of the primary goals of an Invidia turboback exhaust.

There are two types of down pipes that can be mated to the exhaust: Catted or catless. A catless turbo back exhaust system means that the down pipe does not have a catalyst. Since it is replacing the catalytic converter in your car, this means that although exhaust flow is increased, the fumes will be also. A catted down pipe in a turbo back exhaust system includes a catalyst, which will reduce the emissions coming from the car. However, in most jurisdictions a complete Invidia turboback exhaust is intended as an aftermarket auto racing part and not permitted for residential driving.

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