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Going with an Invidia catted downpipe is a great way to increase performance while remaining environmentally conscious. When you are trying to engage more horsepower out of your exhaust system by installing an Invidia catted downpipe, you are replacing the car's catalytic converter. Usually, taking out the cat can lead to trailing smelly, dirty exhaust fumes wherever you go. Invidia catted downpipes come equipped with a catalyst to filter the bellowing exhaust so that your car is not found guilty of polluting the neighborhood.

The structure of each Invidia catted downpipe tells the story on how it works. Whereas typical OEM exhaust pipes showcase narrow 2-2.4" diameters, Invidia performance down pipes deliver 3 inches of steel-tubed space that makes it easy to release airflow. At the top-end of the pipe is a 4" bell mouth to distribute even more exhaust. Once these gases are freed up, your engine and exhaust system are no longer being held hostage. This is how an Invidia performance down pipe contributes to your car throwing out more race-ready horsepower.

Durability is the main goal when it comes to all aftermarket car parts, especially within the exhaust. Invidia performance down pipes are manufactured of strong 304 stainless steel. Not only is steel more sturdy than aluminum exhausts, but it also retains a cooler temperature longer. This helps the turbo catted downpipe withstand the heated elements of the exhaust system even during racing situations, where temps can rise as high as 1700 degrees. Stainless steel also resists rust and corrosion more effectively than other pipe materials.

For installation purposes, turbo catted downpipes can be bolted right onto your stock or aftermarket performance exhaust. There is no additional modifications necessary. However, it is recommended to consult your local motor vehicle emissions guidelines before installing a turbo catted downpipe. That is because removal of your car's catalytic converter is against state statutes in most jurisdictions and this down pipe, though catted, is not constituted as an emissions-control component. Because of this, any cat removal pipe is intended more as a racing or road course application than it is a residential one.

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