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Quicken your EVO's turbo spool with a high flow Invidia turbo outlet. If you are overhauling your exhaust setup to maximize gains and airflow, installing an Invidia turbo outlet is the missing piece your Lancer has been waiting for. When you modify the OEM automotive exhaust system, the stock o2 housing is left to compensate for the increased air distribution. The problem is that the OEM housing cannot act at optimal efficiency because it wasn't designed to account for aftermarket exhaust improvements. It has become restrictive. Installing an Invidia turbo outlet allows the gases to move freer for a noticeable gain in performance.

If exhaust gases cannot flow easily through the turbo, not only is your performance going to lag but it also lessens the effect of any other exhaust mods your car already has. The purpose of an Invidia high flow turbo pipe is to compliment the addition of a downpipe, test pipe, or CBE by manipulating the airflow to move with as little restriction as possible. However, an Invidia high flow turbo pipe can be effective even if you have yet to make any other customizations to the exhaust. That is because the Invidia high flow turbo pipe can mate with the factory car exhaust and stock donut gasket if you choose to keep the original configuration in place. Evo outlet pipes are a direct bolt-on installation and designed to work in conjunction with either the OEM or aftermarket exhaust. In order for evo outlet pipes to work appropriately, the factory donut gasket has to be retained.

Most aftermarket turbo outlet pipes have o2 housings that measure in at 2.3". Evo outlet pipes boast a housing that measures 2.9". The extra width makes it easy for exhaust to travel smoother and more efficiently. That is a noticeable difference. Evo outlet pipes are high-flow units that allow the turbo to spool quicker, delivering a boost in horsepower that is evident immediately. You will hear a more aggressive exhaust note, as well.

Invidia outlet pipes are constructed of polished T-304 stainless steel and madrel-bent for precise shape and fit. They also include a copper exhaust gasket that will guarantee a lockdown seal. All Invidia turbo outlets come with installation instructions and necessary hardware. For some applications, you may need to extend your car's o2 sensor wires during installation.

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