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If you are looking to modify your European import's engine, look no further. JE has an entire lineup of automotive pistons designed specifically for European imports.

European vehicles often have high compression and turbocharged engines which makes them ideal candidates for stronger forged pistons. Even under stock power levels, these engines are under a lot of stress. Adding on power increasing modifications without precautionary steps can be catastrophic. JE Sport Compact pistons for European vehicles can help prevent those problems. These forged pistons are significantly stronger than the stock ones and can withstand the added stress. Whether you are driving on the Autobahn or at the race track, the added strength from these pistons will help with your engine's long term reliability.

While other brands of forged pistons may crack or warp due to the power put out of a high quality European engine, JE Sport Compact pistons will not. The competition does not offer the strength or the customization either. JE Pistons are fully customizable to fit perfectly in your engine. A custom piston can help improve power and durability since it is optimized for your specific needs. This makes JE Pistons the ideal choice for your engine.