Engine pistons

Installing Piston Rings

JE Pistons

After your old pistons are removed from your engine, you can assemble your JE Pistons. Assembling this engine component is quite simple to do. There are no special tools required for installing JE piston rings and it is a quick process. However, you must also take into consideration what type of JE piston you have. There are 4032 and 2618 pistons which have some differences in the construction. Regardless, the installation of the piston rings is mostly the same.

The first step when installing enthusiast piston rings is to install the spiro locks. Make sure they are unused before installing as well. Most JE pistons require four locks per piston, 2 at each end of the pin. You need to pull the lock apart slightly (1/8 to 1/4 of an inch) and thread it through the designated area. You must make sure the correct number of JE spiro locks are installed and that you do not overstretch them.

After the spiro locks are installed, you must install the wire locks. They are easily installed since you just feed the wire into the designated hole until it is fully seated. Be sure not to squeeze the JE wire locks since it can cause issues when the engine is running.

Once the locks are in place, you may install the piston rings. Be sure to look at the specific construction on your rings in order to determine where each ring goes. You should then install the rings, the tab rail if it is included with your specific JE Pro Seal piston rings, and then compress the rings into place. After the rings are in place you should gently wash the pistons and then oil them up in preparation for their installation into the engine.