Engine pistons

JE and SRP

JE Pistons

You may be confused when choosing between JE Pistons or SRP Pistons for your specialized engine build, but you do not have to be. There may be many differences between the two, but they are intended for two separate clientele.

Regardless of their differences, JE and SRP Pistons are both high quality forged pistons. However, JE Pistons are race specific pistons. They are designed specifically for competitive motorsports and are ideal for your race car. JE Pistons can also be custom made for whatever specifications that you desire. They can also be made within as little as 5 days after placing your order. However, there is a drawback to JE Pistons. They are quite expensive due to their customized nature, but if you need only the best for your race car they are an excellent choice.

SRP Pistons differ from JE Pistons in several other ways. The main difference is that SRP Pistons are not offered in custom configurations. They are sold as a catalog only forged piston which makes them not only available at any time, it also makes them cheaper. The process of making JE Pistons is long and difficult depending on the specifications; SRP Pistons are all made in the same manner for each different model. This makes them significantly cheaper than JE Pistons and can fit into your engine build budget much easier. However, if you need custom specifications JE Pistons are the better option.

SRP Professional automotive pistons are a new third choice. Like the regular SRP pistons, the SRP Professional ones are sold as catalog only pistons. However, they offer many advanced features which make them stronger and lighter. They are also similar in price to regular SRP Pistons. SRP Professional pistons are a great in-between product.