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JE Pistons

JE not only makes a full lineup of forged pistons for domestic vehicles, they do so for imports as well. You get the same quality product, but it is specifically designed for your import. JE offers aftermarket pistons for both Asian and European imported vehicles so they are sure to fit your needs.

JE Sport Compact automotive pistons are specially designed for many different Asian imports and work with many different engines from companies such as Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai. Many of these motors are turbocharged or have high compression which benefit greatly from high quality pistons. These automotive pistons have also been used in many competitions such as Formula Drift which is reflective of their quality.

JE also makes a full lineup of automotive pistons that work with engines from European companies such as BMW, VW/Audi and Fiat. The high performance engines in these vehicles benefit from the additional strength these pistons offer when they are modified for competitive motorsports.

Like the regular JE Pistons for domestics, the Sport Compact lineup is completely customizable. You can get individualized pistons that will fit your engine's special purpose or duty. This may take some time, but it is the only way to get the custom design that you want.