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JE Pistons

JE Pistons utilizes some of the most advanced technologies when creating their forged pistons. They use some of the world's best CNC machines, advanced forging techniques, and many other patented technologies that create a unique and high quality product.

CNC or computer numerical control machines are a very useful tool that companies can use to create very specific products. JE uses their own specially designed programs on their CNC machines to create automotive pistons. Unlike human guided machines that lack precision, CNC can create the same product over and over again without variations. Their machines can create products that hold tolerances to within millionths of an inch which is outstanding. This is aided by their purpose forging which makes sure each piston comes out of the ideal metals. JE is also the only manufacturer in the industry to earn the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard award. That puts JE Pistons into a league of their own when it comes to quality.

Using these state of the art CNC machines, JE has created another unique industry leading process. This is the called the Ultra Crown process which utilizes specially designed computer programs and CNC machines in order to create the perfect crown on each piston. The crown is the very top of the piston and undergoes the most stress. This new process improves upon the strength and durability which then in turn gives the customer a better product.

While JE has several industry leading processes when creating their forged pistons, they also utilize Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which determines the strength of the piston before it is even made. This computer based process helps the engineers at JE determine if their new designs will be up to par before production. All of these various processes make JE the most advanced piston producer in the industry.