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Piston Warranty

JE Pistons

Since JE Pistons are to be used in many different applications which include incredibly stressful ones, they unfortunately do not come with a manufacturer's warranty. Sadly, this is often the standard procedure when dealing with products that will be used in such fashions.

JE Pistons states that they are not liable for any damages that may be caused when using these forged pistons. They also state that they are not responsible for any of other losses that may happen when these pistons are used in a vehicle such as loss of property, loss of revenue, or for customer claims. This may seem harsh since most products come with a limited warranty, but it is to be expected when this product will be most likely used in competitive motorsports.

While JE does not offer a manufacturer's warranty on their pistons, OEMs will not honor their warranties for competitive motorsports either. Most automobile companies do not cover track usage with their OEM warranties either. By installing JE Pistons into your vehicle, you will have stronger engine components which will make your engine less likely to break during these stressful driving situations. Since they are so strong and durable you do not even need a manufacturer's warranty for JE Pistons.