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While many customers use JE's automotive pistons, many forget that JE also manufactures powersports pistons. They are an exclusive supplier for many powersports teams including Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki and many more. With the knowledge that they have gained from professional competitions, JE can offer you excellent forged pistons for your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or personal watercraft.

JE offers motorcycle pistons for both road motorcycles and off-road ones. They offer them in a wide array of engine options from many different manufacturers. They have been tested and are ideal for both circuit type racing and motocross races. JE also makes an entire lineup of Harley Davidson pistons. They are designed specifically for the larger and higher horsepower V-Twin engines that Harley Davidson motorcycles use.

JE also makes excellent powersports pistons for ATVs which use a special process that makes them stronger and more lightweight. This is important since strength and durability are important when you are well off the beaten path.

Due to the introduction of modern 4-stroke engines in snowmobiles and personal watercraft, JE has created a new lineup of powersports pistons. They are just as durable and lightweight as the other JE products, but they are designed for the unique uses of these vehicles.