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Adjustable endlinks

K Sport auto parts

The ability to adjust your suspension endlinks will benefit your car in many ways. Ksport adjustable endlinks are much stronger than your current ones and will allow for sway-bar adjustment when you lower the vehicle or add an aftermarket exhaust. Ksport makes them application specific so no modifications will be necessary upon installation. They can also withstand extreme cornering and the needs associated with the race track.

Adjusting the sway bar via the Ksport adjustable endlinks can allow for your car to be lowered even more and also fit a bigger exhaust. The factory sway bar sits snug up against the bottom of your vehicle and has very little clearance, especially when you lower the car. Using these Ksport adjustable parts will create for more clearance so you can fit that larger exhaust under your car without scraping the surface while driving.

Also, you have the ability to change the sway bar preload, which can tighten up your steering and cornering. Adjusting these Ksport components is very easy with just needing to turn a wrench to set them where you want.

Upgrading your sway bar will also tear apart factory endlinks and is something that Ksport suspension endlinks can handle. A thicker sway bar puts extreme stress on other suspension components which will lead to failure and possibly some other damage.

Hard cornering puts extreme flex on the suspension components in which these parts from Ksport will tighten up to reduce body roll and increase handling. They will also last extremely long and are made from high quality materials to resist against corrosion since they come into contact with harmful chemicals and road debris.