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Advanced pillowball mounts

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When you lower your car with Ksport coilovers, you will need to adjust the camber and caster in some way or another to bring it back into the specifications you want. The Ksport advanced pillowball mounts are installed at the top of their coilovers and they have the ability to adjust both camber and caster, which is extremely beneficial. It will save you money from having to buy a separate camber kit and it is much easier to adjust than this kit.

Factory pillowball mounts are usually made from rubber and do not offer any adjustment capabilities like these advanced ones from Ksport do. Dialing in the right camber and caster measurements is crucial for both daily driving and tracking your vehicle because it will minimize tire wear and increase handling capabilities. Since the Ksport coilovers are designed to increase overall performance, their advanced pillowball mounts take it a step further to allow for these adjustments. The Ksport pillowball mounts also reduce flex that is consistent with your factory mounts.

This Ksport mount changes the angle of the tire's contact patch with the surface to increase handling and adjust the settings. Many track vehicles use negative camber in order to make turning much easier and get in and out of the turns quicker. Although negative camber does put more stress on your tires, it is beneficial for the race track. Negative camber is not beneficial under normal driving conditions and makes for a sloppy ride, which is why Ksport makes them available for all of their coilovers and depending on the application you have. Ksport has designed them to work with the Mcpherson style suspensions which many vehicles use today.